10 Important Hermit Crab Provides to Get You Began



10 Important Hermit Crab Provides to Get You Began
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Hermit crabs are clever little creatures which might be fairly entertaining. The phrase “hermit” doesn’t actually match these little guys as a result of they’re really sociable. There are over 1,000 species of hermit crab, and so they do finest dwelling with different crabs. For those who’re pondering of getting hermit crabs, goal for 2 to start out with.

Hermit crabs want care from their homeowners, and that’s the place you are available in. Before you purchase a few these fascinating and entertaining crustaceans, you’ll want a number of provides to get your hermit crabs off to a wholesome begin. On this article, we’ll checklist 10 important provides you should get began appropriately. Keep in mind these ideas are for land hermit crabs.

divider-foodHigh 10 Important Hermit Crab Provides

1. Glass Tank (Terrarium) With Mesh Masking

Glasscages Reptile Terrarium

Initially, you’ll want a tank to place your crabs in. Some websites advocate glass or plastic, however glass comprises humidity ranges higher than plastic. Ideally, you need two crabs as a substitute of only one as a result of they do higher in pairs or teams, however when you’re a newbie, follow two for now. With that stated, search for no less than a 10-gallon tank, however a 20-gallon tank is most popular and advisable for 2 crabs.

The quilt ought to be an air-tight glass lid or mesh to maintain the humidity and warmth contained in the tank and to forestall the crabs from escaping. Hermit crabs have gills to breathe, and they’re going to get circulation by opening the lid every day for feedings and cleanings you probably have a glass lid.

2. Substrate

Exo Terra Coco Husk Tropical Terrarium Reptile Substrate

Hermies like to dig and are pure diggers. They want moist, deep sand for defense in the course of the molting course of. A rule of thumb is to have the sand 3 times deeper than the peak of the most important crab you might have within the tank. When on the lookout for substrate, keep away from calcium carbonate sand, as one of these sand can keep on with your crab’s stomach and legs.

3. Climbing Toys and Equipment

SunGrow Hermit Crab Coconut Climbing Habitat & Hideaway Cage w/ Ladder


Hermit crabs love to cover and climb, so that you’ll want to make sure you have equipment for his or her leisure. You may have enjoyable adorning the tank with climbing accessories, similar to caves, half logs, branches, and shells. So far as shells, make sure you add a number of giant ones when they should transfer on to one thing larger for his or her rising our bodies.

4. Coral

majoywoo Natural Coral Driftwood for Aquarium Decor Fish Tank Decorations, Assorted Driftwood Branch 6-10


Coral driftwood not solely provides a pleasant décor contact to the tank but additionally supplies your hermies with one thing to climb on. You may as well add synthetic vegetation to the tank for an additional climbing various. Hermit crabs want train, and offering climbing equipment to the tank ensures they get train to maintain them wholesome and to struggle boredom.

5. Meals

Fluker's Buffet Blend Hermit Crab Food

In fact, hermit crabs must eat, however what do they eat? These little guys are omnivorous scavengers, and so they want a balanced eating regimen of nutritional vitamins and minerals. Freeze-dried pellets fortified with protein and important vitamins are a wonderful approach to make sure they’re getting a correct eating regimen.

You may feed pellet meals as soon as a day, preferable at night time, as they’re nocturnal and most lively at nighttime. It is best to discard any uneaten pellets every day to take care of a clear tank. Through the molting course of, hermies want a lift of calcium to guard their exoskeletons, and you may add a calcium vitamin supplement to their meals.

6. Meals and Water Bowls

ZOOMED Hermit Combo Bowl Glow

You’ll need two water bowls and a smaller food bowl. Keep away from a big, deep bowl for the meals bowl so your smaller crabs is not going to get caught. You may present exit ramps with branches for an exit. For the water bowls, guarantee they’re deep sufficient on your hermies to submerge themselves into however not giant sufficient to the place they won’t get caught. The bowl ought to be sufficiently big on your largest crab to climb into and submerge its shell.

It is best to fill one bowl with contemporary water and the opposite with salt water. Bottled water will make sure the water is free from chlorine. Hermit crabs use water for bathing, ingesting, and replenishing their shells. In offering each contemporary and saltwater, the crab can resolve for itself which one it needs.

7. Instantaneous Ocean Combine

Instant Ocean Reef Salt for Aquariums

Referring again to quantity six on our checklist, you need to present your hermies with each contemporary and saltwater. Instant Ocean is an efficient combine to make use of for this goal, and to be protected, use bottled water to combine it with. Water is extraordinarily vital to have within the tank always, as hermit crabs use water to hydrate their gills. Keep away from utilizing desk salt as a result of it comprises iodine, which is dangerous to hermit crabs.

8. Sea Sponge

Zoo Med Hermit Crab Sea Sponge

A sea sponge is important for any hermit crab tank. It is best to place a sea sponge in every water bowl so smaller crabs is not going to get caught within the bowls and drown. Sea sponges additionally assist to take care of the humidity ranges contained in the tank. They’re essential.

9. Humidity Gauge

Zoo Med Precision Analog Thermometer & Humidity Gauge

Humidity performs an vital function throughout the tank and ought to be monitored every day with a humidity gauge to make sure the degrees are between 70%–80% always. Guarantee the degrees don’t rise above 85% as a result of that share will trigger condensation and undesirable mildew progress throughout the tank. To maintain the tank moist, you’ll be able to spray contemporary water (ideally from a water bottle to keep away from chlorine) into the tank to help in sustaining desired humidity ranges. Hermit crabs are native to tropical climates and require humidity to outlive and to maintain their gills from drying out.

10. Heating Supply

Zoo Med ReptiTherm Under Tank Heater

The temperature contained in the tank ought to keep between 72°F–82°F always. You should buy a heater that sticks to the aspect with adhesive, or you’ll be able to go for a heating pad that sticks to the tank.


The place Ought to I Place My Hermit Crab Tank?

You’ll want to place the tank away from any drafty areas of the house. Keep away from inserting the tank in entrance of a window, because the solar might alter the temperature ranges contained in the tank and make it too scorching. A bed room is a enjoyable place to have the tank, however remember the fact that hermies are active at night, and their exercise might disturb your sleeping habits.

Make sure you place the tank away from loos or wherever there could also be some form of sprays, similar to hairspray or cleansing merchandise. Hermit crabs are delicate and susceptible to any kind of sprays, so make sure the tank is not going to get caught within the crossfire.


Hermit crabs are fun little pets, however they want every day care for his or her survival. Guarantee they’ve each contemporary and saltwater within the tank always, in addition to meals. Keep away from inserting the tank in drafty areas or straight in entrance of a window and clear as wanted. Spot clear the tank weekly by wiping down the within with a chlorine-free damp material and take away any fecal matter or clumped substrate as wanted. Wash and clear the meals and water bowls as soon as every week.

We hope this text will get you off to a wonderful begin together with your new hermies, and keep in mind, these little crabs are enjoyable and make nice pets!

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