10 Out of This World SPAC Stocks You Should Know About

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The world of investing is huge. There are so many strategies to utilize, so many different securities and assets to invest in and trade, and so many markets to get into.

Investors can spend their whole lives digging into new opportunities and new income-generating assets. One of the most interesting to start learning about today is a SPAC.

But what is a SPAC stock? SPACs are related to IPOs or Initial Public Offerings. Normally, a company would do an IPO to go public, sell a stock, and raise funds for growth. But SPAC stocks are sold in order to raise funds specifically to acquire other private companies.

SPACs, otherwise known as special purpose acquisition companies, have seen an explosion in the last couple of years, with hundreds of SPACs stocks hitting the market.

Ready to invest in your first SPAC? Here’s the top 10 SPAC stock list you need to know

1. Churchill Capital IV

Churchill Capital recently took on the new automotive brand Lucid Motors. This company was brought to market by a former Tesla employee, focusing on electric vehicles.

2. Pershing Square Tontine Holdings

One of the most funded companies focused on SPACs is Pershing Square. This was started by Bill Ackman, the same guy who started the hedge fund by the same name.

3. Soaring Eagle Acquisition Corp.

If you like to bet on sports, you are probably familiar with DraftKings. This was a SPAC brought to market in the last few years thanks to Soaring Eagle.

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4. Deerfield Healthcare Technology Acquisitions Corp.

In the last few years, Deerfield has brought multiple SPACs to the market. Most of these are in public and private healthcare.

5. Ceres Acquisition Corp.

Ceres Acquisition corp recently made a deal with a popular marijuana dispensary that currently has over 40 stores in a number of states. This growing industry shows no signs of slowing down, and funds from the deal will work to improve customer experience and retention.

6. Silver Spike Acquisition Corp.

Silver Spike recently merged with WM Holding Co, which is the parent company of the popular brand Weed Maps, another in the marijuana industry. This technology helps retail customers find and compare different dispensaries in their area.

7. InterPrivate II Acquisition Corp.

A newcomer to the SPAC scene, InterPrivate II launched in 2021 by going public itself. It seeks to focus on merging with companies in the consumer retail, automotive, and technology sectors.

8. FirstMark Horizon Acquisition Corp.

With a slightly longer history than InterPrivate, FirstMark is also focused on companies in the technology space. It is pursuing companies in both the US and Canada.

9. Tuscan Holdings Corp.

Tuscan is also a fan of technology companies. One of its recent mergers was with Microvast Inc. which is a billion-dollar company that produces battery control systems.

10. Fusion Acquisition Corp.

Along with technology companies, Fusion looks for companies in the financial and wealth management sectors as well. A recent merger was with MoneyLion, which is a mobile banking solution.

SPAC Stocks Analysis

As you can see, SPAC stocks are growing in popularity and in value. Many game-changing companies are going public as a result of SPACs. This is definitely an asset class to keep in mind as you look for ways to expand your portfolio.

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