12 Best Video Editing Tools for 2022

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A good video editing software is the key to enhancing the quality of the video and showcasing the products and services of the clients on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or presenting to the clients.

There are many easy-to-handle video editing tools available online. But it isn’t easy to choose a tool that helps you stay ahead of your competitor.

We have listed the Top 10 Video Editing Software 2022

With these tools, an online video editor can easily create the best product videos that would engage the target audience and help create awareness about the brand faster.

video editing tools for 2021
  1. Invideo

InVideo is one of the best online video editing tools of 2021. It is topping the charts due to having great features like automated voiceovers, intelligent frames, and transition effects. It is also known as desktop-compatible software. They have created ready-to-use high-quality video templates, which makes this software one of the most preferred choices of online video editors looking to create presentation videos.

Key highlights of InVideo are:

  • Text and Brand overlay
  • Audio tools
  • Speed adjustment
  • Collaboration
  • Merging and splitting of video
  • Delivering HD resolution quality of video
  • Video stabilization

2.  Lightworks

This tool provides licensed stock videos and music that editors could use while creating a video for a client. Lightworks has a simple and easy-to-use interface. For the convenience of video editors, there are many video tutorials also available in their library. The software is compatible with Linux, Windows, and MAC.

Here are the main highlights of Lightwork

  • It offers simple and the best trimming functions
  • High-speed optimization
  • Offers real-time project sharing
  • Can easily share edited videos on third-party platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, and Facebook
  • Has a wide range of preset video formats in the library

3. VideoPad

This is one of the best online video editing tools for those who wish to create high-quality content quickly. VideoPad has easy-to-use and straightforward features, including 3D-video editing. It also has the best sound effects and provides the user the flexibility of trying various styles and compositions to enhance the quality of the video.

This software is best regarding text formatting, transitions, overlays, sound effects, and adjustments. Once the video is created, you can easily export the video to social media platforms like YouTube, Google Drive, Facebook, or any mobile device.

Here are the main highlights of VideoPad

  • Double built-in screen to do intuitive video editing.
  • Customizable and pre-made transitions effects use in the video.
  • Easy exporting of edited files on social media platforms. It is equipped with one of the best publishing and social media sharing tools.
  • Huge collection of video transitions and visual effects in its library for helping the editors to make customizable videos.

4.HitFilm Express

It is one of the best online video editing tools for beginner online video editors. If you are new to the profession of video editing, this will be the right choice. There are many animation tools available on this software. It allows you to edit and create audio and video transitions without needing to create composite shots. Using this online video editing tool, an editor can save a load of time.

Key highlights of HitFilm Express

  • It is considered the best professional-grade video editing software with color pickers, cropping tools, and motion tracking tools.
  • It comes with composite shot enhancements that make it easier for editors to try for animation with two different shots simultaneously. It is known as creating surreal video effects in the video.
  • This online video editing tool has a built-in auto-stabilizer for working on shaky footage to make it smooth.
  • The editor can create unlimited audio and video timelines.
  • This tool has an adaptive trimmer that makes the re-trimming of clips easier.
  • Has audio-mixers for giving the best of sound effects
  • Availability of transition options like dissolve, Zoom, Push

5. Open Shot:  It is one of the best and easily accessible video editing software for beginners. It works as an open-source, equipped with power-packed features like audio mixing, creating unlimited layers, editing iMovie, etc. This software is capable of balancing a simple interface and advanced features.

Key highlights of Open shot

  • Allows the online video editor of trying unlimited tracks and layers in their video
  • The software helps the editor in clip resizing, snapping, trimming, video cutting, and making easy transitions when they are going for real-time video reviews.
  • Allowing editors to use the watermarks
  • Offer advanced timelines

6.  EaseUs Video Editor

This is ideal for professional video editors. The main features of this tool are easy trimming of video, pre-made templates, and adding effects. You can call these features the main USP of this tool. With these features, a video editor can do all the overlays, transitions, and filtering quickly. It is free to use online video editing software that supports the images, video clips, and audio. It is one of the ideal online editing tools to give special effects to your video.

Key highlights of EaseUs Video Editor

  • Accessing various file formats like MP4 and MP3
  • Having a wide range of video editing services like mixing, trimming, rotating, merging, mixing, and splitting features.
  • Allow editors to create their videos starting from scratch.

7. Quik

The makers of GoPro create this video editing app. The main USP of this app is that it comes with an auto-trimming feature that makes the video editing procedure slightly faster. Using this video editing app is no rocket science. Anyone can create video editing and capture the moments and memories using the various transitions. All those editors, being professional or non-professional, can prefer this app for fast edits.

Key highlights of Quik

  • Known for having auto-editing features
  • Best for doing quick and individual video editing

8. shortcut

It is an open-source, cross-platform video editor tool. Here one can find a vast collection of tutorial videos to enhance video editing skills. The best part about this video editing software is that it is supporting a wide range of video formats like DNxHD, ProRes, FFMpeg, etc., and many more. It is one of the top-notch editors in the online video editing world. Works well at MAC, Linux, and Windows.

Key highlights of ShotCut

  • Best in supporting the audio and video formats
  • Here the editor can work with native timeline editing. It makes it easier to import video files directly from the project file.
  • This software also comes with multi-format timelines for easy matching and mixing of the frame rates and resolutions at the time of video editing.
  • The editor can use the best audio filters like treble, bandpass filters, balance, bass, compressor, and many more.

9. Blender

It is a free 3D creation online video editing suite. The software is created in collaboration with the best of developers available across the globe. The main feature is its ability to render 3D animation work. This software has the capability of tackling complex edits like video masking but only if you run it on a powerful laptop for Blender. The software meets the requirements of both experienced and novice video makers.

Key highlights of Blender are:

  • The software works like a path-race engine to make easier realistic transitions in the projects related to animation. The software provides advanced character animation tools.
  • The rendering feature makes the video saving and exporting quicker and easier.
  • One can apply code game logic in creating video.
  • We created a library of visual vignettes and visual effects. 

10. Movie Maker 10

It is one of the most convenient video editing software tools and is ideal for Windows OS. If you are looking for software to do quick video edits, add captions, and merge visuals, use Movie Maker 10. Initially, you can use the accessible version of Movie Maker 10 to become more friendly with the software.

Key features of Movie Maker 10

  • It is having an auto-preview tool for quick editing and adding of special effects in the video
  • Auto movie options for creating customized video cuts in the clips.
  • Animation tab that makes it easier to add music and mentioning of title or credits

11. Magisto

Chromebook users mainly use the Magisto. It is also being used for the creation of AI-enabled content. Using this software, one can choose the editing style, add footage, and upload audio files as per the requirement. Magisto software is designed so that it automatically edits the video, giving music suggestions matching the theme and style of the footage.

The software works best when it has a requirement of creating video at scale like YouTube videos. Even if you want to see the viewers of your video, you can get to know them through this software. This app also has a built-in dashboard to provide the data in the form of video insights. Magisto is one of the most popular online video editing tools. It has almost 90 million users all over the world.

Key highlights of Magisto

  • It has many themes
  • Loaded with features like auto-cropping, face recognition, effects, filters
  • Having an auto-editing feature
  • Easy exporting of videos on the social media platform
  • Having a feature of iStock generation with high-quality stock images
  • Unlimited HD movie downloading
  • Available for: Android and iOS

12. VSDC Free video editor

If you are looking for video editing software that works well on a desktop, you can try VSDC’s free video editor. It is available in both versions – free and paid. Even though there are fewer features on the free version than the paid version, it still delivers videos of the best quality.

The features available in the free version are mask tool and chroma key functionality. It helps in giving green-screen video effects. Here are the added features in paid version-video stabilization, slideshow presentations, 3D diagram templates, direct publishing of video on social media, and adding post-product effects on video.

Key highlights of VSDC Video editor are:

  • Has the best color correction tools to give the video a professional look
  • Loaded with a suite of best transitional effects
  • Has easy-to-use image filters for the convenience of video editors
  • Mask tools for highlighting, hiding, blurring elements in the video clip
  • Can export the video on social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Vimeo
  • Supports files with HEVC/H.265 resolution

Bottom line

Now that you are aware of the best online video editing tools of 2021 start trying your hands at each of them. Each of the online editing tools has its USP. Based on your requirements, you can choose the one. If you are a beginner, start by using video editing tools that are free of cost. It helps you gather a better understanding of the video-editing tools that suit the nature of your business.

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Videos are the best way of engaging with the client and target audiences. As a part of content marketing strategy, everyone creates attractive videos and posts them on the social media channels like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and many others. When it comes to reaching the audience, video performs better than using text or images.

To create a good impact on video, it is a must to take the help of professional video editing tools. So, choose an online editing tool that has the power to beat the YouTube algorithm, make brand awareness at a large scale, capture the audience’s attention, and double your ROIs.

So, It’s time to take your content marketing to the next level.

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