15 Excellent High-Paying Jobs for Veterans

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Did you know that in September 2021, the unemployment rate for veterans was 3.9 percent? If you want to learn about different jobs for military veterans, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over high-paying jobs for veterans. You can find out about life after the military and what careers you could pursue.

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1. Consider Law Enforcement

A lot of times, a soldier will pursue a job within the law enforcement sector. You could become a police officer after your military career. Since you worked in the military, you will have firearm experience.

The benefits of working as a police officer are excellent, as well. Make a positive difference in your community.

2. EMT

Other military veterans will look at becoming emergency medical technicians. Some military veterans will have experience with first aid and may have been corpsmen.

3. What About a Firefighter?

Veterans have experience dealing with explosions and fires. Thus, some veterans will become a firefighter.

Consider if this job opportunity interests you. After the military, some people want a different pace altogether.

4. Jobs for Military Officer Veterans

Officers will have access to different service and leadership positions when they leave the military.

If you had a high position in the IT world, you could easily move into a leadership position in communication technology. This is a high-paying career for military officers.

Capture managers will oversee a company’s bid for different opportunities like government contracts. Veterans will get prioritized for this job because of their understanding of how the government functions.

5. Become a Management Consultant

During training for military positions, a lot of people learn how to become efficient.

Military personnel will need to learn how to perform things efficiently and effectively. Tasks and following missions will need to get completed fast.

A management consultant will identify a client’s inefficiencies. The management consultant will try and make a plan for the client to solve the problems.

Do you think this could be a role suitable to your personality? Consider becoming a management consultant. Help clients become more efficient and make their business a success.

6. IT Program Manager

A commanding officer will order the troops to learn the job above them. If someone gets hurt in battle, then others will have to step in and make the decisions.

An IT program manager will need to understand the different jobs of people on their team. The IT program manager will need to understand designing and coding.

Do you have a passion for information technology? Consider pursuing this career opportunity.

7. Aerospace or Aviation Program Manager

Veterans with aviation experience should look at this career possibility.

An aerospace program manager will oversee projects from the beginning to the end. The professional will manage the research, design, integration, and testing. Organizational skills are critical.

8. Business Development Manager

A critical trait of an influential member of the military is leadership.

Being able to command the respect of others around you and plan for missions is essential. In business or private-sector careers, commanding the respect of others is critical.

A business development manager will create a plan to grow the business. They inspire others to follow their vision.

9. Intelligence Analyst

Will you retire from the military? If you want to keep serving your country, become an intelligence analyst.

Some people will work for the FBI. Intelligence analysts will protect America’s national security. They work hard to protect the country from attacks by analyzing intelligence collected in field offices.

An intelligence analyst will need to identify credible threats.

10. Electrical Engineer

For veterans whose time in the military was spent researching and improving navigation systems or developing weapons, you could look into becoming an electrical engineer.

Veterans can get work at government agencies, public utilities, or engineering firms.

11. Software Developer

Intelligent problem solvers are an excellent asset of any business. Being able to understand mathematical concepts and computer programming is also crucial. You could look at becoming a software developer.

12. What About an Air Traffic Controller?

The military will pay you to learn how to become an air traffic controller. You will get education and certifications to work in a busy airfield. If this isn’t your military specialty, you should still look at this career field.

Yet, this job isn’t for people who can’t work under pressure.

13. Civilian Engineer

You could become an engineer for the military sealift command. You will maintain and operate equipment on civilian and military ships. Sometimes, you will get to work alongside military personnel, as well.

Some people get tasked with monitoring drydock workers, and others will work on the ship.

14. Become a Teacher

If you have a passion for teaching, become a high school teacher. There are different rules for becoming a high school teacher, and the requirements will vary from state to state, as will the salary.

15. Work in Real Estate

Consider investing in real estate after the military. You can apply for different loans like the VA construction loan. If you have a passion for helping people find homes, or flipping houses, consider this industry.

High-Paying Jobs for Veterans

We hope this guide on high-paying jobs for veterans was helpful. Consider what kind of job would suit you.

Would you like to work as an engineer? Some veterans will teach high school students or continue working in the military field.

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