3 Ways to Naturally Deal with Depression

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Depression is a mood disorder that manifests through symptoms like persistent, overwhelming sadness, lethargy, interest loss, and in extreme cases, suicidal thoughts. According to mental health statistics, 21 million American adults will experience one major depressive episode in 2020. The second set of statistics revealed that depression is the leading disability cause among US adults under 44 years old.

Although the condition is treatable using antidepressant medications, such medications can have undesirable side effects. Fortunately, you can employ all-natural ancillary therapies to help you alleviate depression symptoms and feel more in control. Below are three medication-free ways to fight depression.

Consider Using CBD Products

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CBD (cannabidiol) is the primary non-psychoactive compound in the cannabis plant. It is also the most extensively researched cannabis compound, and one research review concluded that the data from preliminary clinical trials support its efficacy in managing depression symptoms.

Since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, cannabidiol and its derivative products are federally legal to consume. However, note that the FDA does not regulate CBD products, so consider purchasing your CBD from trustworthy brands like CBD Genesis. The brand allows you to full spectrum cbd and other delicious CBD treats in their catalog.

However, CBD’s exact mechanism of action in delivering its antidepressant effects remains unknown. But unlike other cannabinoids, CBD does not bind directly to the endocannabinoid system’s receptors, explaining its non-psychoactive property.

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is an elaborate body regulatory system featuring receptors located throughout the nervous system and the brain. It modulates multiple body functions, including emotional responses, mood, and sleep. Therefore, any chemical that can manipulate the ECS controls select ECS-regulated body processes.

Although depression has numerous causes, one literature review supports the theory that low serotonin brain activity is the primary cause. Serotonin (happy hormone) is a multifunctional neurotransmitter that regulates multiple body functions, including emotions and mood.

One study shows that CBD enhances serotonin activity. The cannabinoid interacts indirectly with the ECS’s CB2 receptors, activating serotonin (5-HT)1A receptors and increasing the receptors firing (signal transmission capacity).

Another study shows that CBD also functions as a serotonin reuptake inhibitor, which prevents the hormone’s reabsorption, helping increase its concentration.


Adopt Exercise And A Healthy Diet

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Lifestyle changes may also play a role in alleviating depression symptoms, and exercising and eating healthy stands out as the most therapeutic lifestyle adaptations for depression patients. Experts recommend exercise and healthy diets as complimentary cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) routines. CBT is a mental health therapy designed to help patients identify the root cause of their subconscious working and eliminate negative behavioral patterns.

According to one case study review on the relationship between physical activity and exercise, moderate to high-intensity physical activity positively affects depression symptoms. The review also revealed that training is as effective as medication in tackling depression since 60% of depression patients who exercised for 16 weeks without taking antidepressants were in remission. The 60% is slightly lower than the 68% of patients within the same study who were in remission after taking antidepressants for 16 weeks without exercising.

Although exercise’s mechanism of action in tackling depression symptoms remains unknown, one theory is that elevated body temperature in the brain during exercise induces relaxation. A second theory is that your body releases β-endorphins, which are endogenous opioids that induce feelings of wellbeing and pain relief.

Besides exercise, one research study review also links poor nutritional habits with depression. The study further revealed that nutritional supplementation, especially with omega-3 fatty acids, helps reduce depression symptoms.

While dietary supplements are okay, eating healthy foods is even better. Consider adding low-glycemic carbs, high-quality proteins, omega fatty acids, B vitamins, and essential minerals to your diet.

The said nutrients help facilitate the synthesis of “happy hormone” neurotransmitters, like serotonin, and the actual hormone release. Complimenting exercise with a healthy diet should help you maintain exceptional physical and mental health.


Adopt A Daily Routine

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Routine is an aspect of CBT that helps improve various mental health disorder symptoms, including depression. The thing with depression is that it tells you that nothing matters, then channels all your energy into negative thoughts. However, having a routine gives you something to look forward to, and meeting each task is a personal victory.

So, set the alarm to wake up simultaneously every day and complete simple tasks like grooming activities. You can add other CBT practices like meditation, affirmations, and journaling to your routine.

Second, depression also messes with your circadian rhythm (sleep pattern), causing you to either have insomnia or sleep too much. However, practicing sleep hygiene (fancy for a nighttime routine) should help you sleep better and wake up invigorated rather than exhausted.

An evening routine could entail a shower, relaxation techniques, tidying up, taking a break from screens, and going to bed simultaneously daily. Your routine leaves less time for you to wallow in self-loathing.


Depression may not be curable, but it is manageable, even without medication. These top three ways to naturally manage depression are only some of the medication-free depression symptom management methods available. So, if prescription antidepressants don’t work for you, talk to your doctor about medication-free depression management options, and find what suits you.







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