4 benefits Vacuum application in glass conservatory


Glass Conservatory, also named as a winter garden or sunroom. It is a non-traditional building built with glass and metal frames; it allows people to enjoy the sunshine and get close to nature. Sunshine house is a building respected by people who pursue nature and fashion.


The conservatory realises the function of houses and intimate contact with the sun and can enjoy the sun’s warmth even in the cold winter. Second, due to the unique thermal insulation effect of the sunroom, it can realise the function of a greenhouse and create a warm living environment for family members even in cold winter.

Sunrooms are mostly built on balconies; To improve the daylighting effect as much as possible, the glass will be used as walls in a large area.

Emergent of the glass conservatory

The conservatory appeared 200 hundred years ago. After Columbus discovered the new world and before the industrial revolution, many tropical plants, flowers and fruits entered Europe. The cold climate in Europe could not support farming and production, while the Royal Palace nobles in Europe liked to enjoy this kind of planting&farming, so the Royal artisans built some greenhouses to meet the needs of the nobles.

Glass Conservatory

Later, it was found that these greenhouses are full of sunshine and green, so they can be used as greenhouses to cultivate tropical crops and form a unique space for leisure, entertainment, family gatherings, and studios.

Shortages of a glass conservatory

  • Extremely hot in summer.

This summer, The sunroom becomes a sauna room or a dryer, and the clothes can be dried after hanging in for a while.

Glass Conservatory

The sunroom is initially prepared for winter. When the cold wind is coming, sit in the sunroom to bask in the sun, read books, raise flowers and grass, and have a place to dry clothes and quilts when the weather is terrible. The sunroom can block the wind and rain and have transparent light, which improves the utilisation rate of space.

  • Bad soundproof performance

Among the significant problems perplexing house owners, the noise on rainy days is consistently ranked as a priority.

The glass material can only rely on thickness to achieve a better sound insulation effect, but the glass thickness &weight increases will also result in higher costs.

  • Condensations in winter.

“Cold bridge” always occurs frequently in a cold area. In cold winter, the temperature difference between indoors and outdoors is enormous. After the cold air enters the room, it combines with the hot air to form a water mist, which is adsorbed on the surface of the sunshine room and then flows down, which affects the beauty of the sunshine room.

Glass Conservatory

Benefits of applying vacuum insulating glass in the conservatory

Vacuum insulating glass is a glass product that separates two pieces of glass with micropillar supports, seals the periphery with inorganic materials, extracts air and creates a high vacuum cavity, and finally forms a glass product similar to a transparent flat thermos.

Applying vacuum insulating glass in a glass conservatory will bring many benefits and solve most house owners’ problems.

1. Vacuum glass avoids high temperatures in Summer and keeps warm in winter.

Compared with regular tempered glass,vacuum glass thermal insulation performance is only 1/10.

Glass Conservatory

Thanks to the vacuum space and high-performance low-E coating inside, In summer, the vacuum glass blocks most solar radiation and prevent heat transmit from the hot outside into the sunroom. Meanwhile, it sends the visible light into cool light with much lower warmth. In summer, the glass conservatory is no longer a dryer.

In winter, vacuum glass prevents the heat inside transmit glass and decreases heat loss.

Most importantly, whether vacuum glass is installed vertically or horizontally, the U value won’t change and offers the same thermal insulation performance.

2. Thin and light decrease system requirements and overall costs.

Many house owners prefer using double glass units with thicknesses over 20mm. In contrast, increased glass thickness will result in thicker profiles and complex thermal break materials; overall, sunroom costs will increase significantly.

Glass Conservatory Vacuum glass can be 6.3mm thick and has far superior performance; this will help decrease the strength of suspending systems and make it broader and cheaper.

3. Vacuum glass prevents conservatory condensation.

The high-performance vacuum glass keeps the inner glass surface warm and reduces the condensation and frost in winter. The condensation temperature of vacuum glass can be lower than – 50 ℃

Condensation will not occur in the vacuum layer.

The vacuum layer does not condense so that the Low-E film has a longer service life.

4. Vacuum glass increase sunroom acoustic performance.

The sound propagation speed in an absolute vacuum is 0, while the micro support pillars and glass edge will keep sound transmitting to the glass; the 0.15mm and 0.3mm vacuum space works better in low and middle-frequency noise.VIG works well in keeping your sunroom quiet.

Glass Conservatory

Besides that, tempered vacuum glass has much higher strength than annealed glass and protects people & property once the glass is broken.

For the conservatory roof, it’s suggested to use laminated vacuum glass to prevent glass rain.

HaanGlas focuses on manufacturing and promoting vacuum glass; kindly contact us for your next excellent sunroom project and make your life quieter and more comfortable.

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