4 Best Caribbean Food Joints in Chicago

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The people living in Chicago have an affinity towards Caribbean food. The people of Chicago love eating dishes such as Jerk, tacos, and egg rolls. Moreover, they also like eating Jamaican dishes such as curry goat, red snapper escovitch, oxtails, and Jerk chicken.


Since due to COVID-19, the businesses have changed their way of operating. Many restaurants have come online, providing delivery services to their customers. Thus, the Chicago Online Caribbean Food business has witnessed an uptrend in the near past due to the inclusion of new customers.


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Some of the best Caribbean food restaurants in Chicago are mentioned below.


1. Garifuna Flava


The Garifuna Flava is located near Marquette Park. The restaurant offers a diversified food menu from Belizean to Jamaican food. However, the two specialties of the restaurants are the parades which are corn flour hand pies filled with white fish. The trains are a famous Belize snack.


The second specialty of Garifuna Flava is red snapper escovitch served pan-fried, which is a Jamaican dish. The dish is garnished with a red creole sauce. Moreover, along with the word, rice, peas, and plantains are also served. The plate is light and can easily fit two people.


2. Jerk Taco Man


The Jerk Taco Man is located near Garfield Park in Chicago. The Jerk Taco Man is a BBQ restaurant that has gained popularity recently. They offer jerk chicken tacos, which are huge and nearly half a pound each. In addition to this, cheese, cilantro, and onion over a flour tortilla are also served, making it extremely filling.


Apart from the jerk chicken tacos, they have a huge menu offering different jerk veggie tacos, jerk pasta, and jerk chicken. The restaurant is located at the Park Manor location, apart from Garfield Park.


3. Cocoa Chili


Like Jerk Taco Man, Cocoa chili is also located near Garfield Park. Moreover, this is a takeaway or delivery-only restaurant. Cocoa Chili mainly focuses on offering Afro-Caribbean food. A person visiting Cocoa Chili will find dishes such as jerk Chicken, Senegalese Poulet Yassa, and a bowl of cocoa chili on their menu. 


Apart from serving Caribbean food for takeaway and delivery, another motivating aspect of this restaurant is its social service. A person can buy a meal at $5 for Love Fridge, an organization feeding free food to those in need.


4. Tropic Island Jerk Chicken


The tropical Island Jerk Chicken is located on Morgan Street. The restaurant offers tasty jerks and that too at an amazing price. A person needs to pay $12.50 for a white meat jerk dinner with three side dishes. A person has various options for sides such as rice, peas, plantain, macaroni, and cheese. Apart from these mentioned options, there are five other side dishes on the menu. 


Moreover, the tropical Island Jerk Chicken has two branches located in Calumet City and Muenster, IN. Therefore, it is a renowned business as well.


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