4 Essential Pieces of Bedroom Furniture

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The bedroom is one of the most important spaces in your home. This is the place where your style and comfort meet head-on and provide you and your partner with all the trappings of the good life. Your bedroom is the place where you will end each day and begin the next one. This makes the room a crucial component of your home’s overall ability to provide you and your family with the peace of mind and level of comfort that you are looking for in a place to live. From the chest of drawers that you add to the corner to the bed itself, every aspect of the bedroom must be curated with care.

With these four essentials in order, the rest of the room can be brought together with ease. Start here and watch the bedroom transform before your very eyes.

Start with the bed.

Your bed is the centerpiece of the bedroom. Every one of the accessories that you will add to the space will surround this feature, and the bed is where you will gain the most in terms of comfort. A great bed starts with the knowledge of how you sleep most comfortably. Everyone will have their preferred sleeping position, so thinking about whether you doze off on your back, chest, or side can help make this decision a little easier. Next come questions over the firmness of the mattress. Every option

will deliver a slightly different level of firm or softness, so testing out a few options in a showroom is a great idea when selecting a new mattress.

Of course, the mattress must be complemented with a bed frame that offers luxurious sleep as well as a great look. Many bed frames offer drawer space or under-bed storage solutions that can make the sleeping space an even more complex and useful item in the room.

Dresser options are crucial for tying the theme of the room together.

A great bed

The dresser (or dressers) that you select for the room will go a long way to bringing the theme and style of the room together. A long short dresser configuration is a

great way to get the most out of the top space that dressers offer, but some homeowners might instead opt for a long, thin chest of drawers instead. The sizing of your dresser is an important consideration, and dressers and vanity additions will come in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet the varying needs of every unique homeowner.

Wood color and handle configurations are other components of this decision though that remains entirely up to you and your stylistic tastes. Sample a few options for the best range of choices when adding a new chest of drawers to your bedroom.

Lighting is crucial to setting the mood.

A great bed

The lighting in any room helps to suggest a tone for the space. With warm, bright lighting mixed in with dimmer options for nighttime reading or intimate activities, the bedroom can be set for any mood throughout the day or night. Lighting is a crucial

part of decorating a home, and yet far too many homeowners fail to remember the lighting needs in their bedroom when redesigning the space for maximum comfort.

Include a few plants for increased peacefulness.

A great bed

Plants offer a great decorative item for any space, but they are particularly welcome in sleeping and relaxation quarters. Adding a few houseplants to your bedroom can

give you the calming energy that you’re looking for at the end of a stressful day at the office, and they are often quite inexpensive, making a statement on a budget an easy task.

With these four areas in the bedroom, transforming the space is simple.

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