4 Tips To Buy Green Tea Online

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 Tender tea leaves and buds of the plant are responsible for producing green tea. How it is rolled and packed defines the flavour of the tea. Here are four tips to remember while buying green tea online.

Check the Origin of Your Green Tea

While buying green tea online in Australia, one of the most important things to consider is its origin. Most of the online stores keep green teas that are cheap and provide more margins. And this may affect the consumer. So the moment you find a suitable tea, check out how it is grown and processed from the information present online. Always go for tea that is from the closest source.

As eCommerce is the most popular platform, people prefer selling and buying online. Therefore, if you can spend time choosing your favourite organic peppermint tea online, then why not spend some more time to find out about the producer and manufacturing process.

Go for Whole Leaf Green Tea

Whole leaf green tea is much better than the normal green tea bags. And the fact that whole leaf green tea is the most natural form of green tea proves the above statement. As per the reviews and references, whole leaf green tea is much tastier than traditional green tea. The tea is made from the youngest tea leaves, and that is why one experiences superior taste and flavour from whole leaf green tea.

Whole leaf green tea has many health benefits as it has several essential oils intact in the full tea leaves. Amongst the Australian tea companies, this is one of the cheapest options as here you pay only for the tea and not for its packaging. So make sure the next time you look for quality green tea, buy this and spend less.

Conventional Green Tea Bags are Cheap but Not Best

Conventional green tea bags are cheap and convenient but not of the best quality. All they have is fannings, dust, and broken pieces of tea leaves. Even the essential oils that have benefits get evaporated from these fragmented leaves and dust particles found in traditional tea bags. Long story short, you have no major health benefits left in the tea bags that you use to brew your green tea. Therefore when you buy green tea online in Australia, make sure you do not end up drinking fannings and dust.

Buy Fresh, Drink Healthy

Tea leaves tend to lose their flavour with time. So do not buy leaves that have passed 12 months from the date of manufacturing. Also, never keep it for too long whenever you make a cup of green tea for yourself. Try drinking it for 5-8 mins. The best of flavours and benefits can be consumed only if the tea you brought is fresh.

Next time when you buy green tea online in Australia, make sure you consider the tips mentioned above.

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