4 Water Sports Your Family Can Try Right Now

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Are you getting ready for your next trip to the beach or lake? It’s time to start thinking about the water sports that you want to try out!

There are plenty of family-friendly water sports that both children and adults can enjoy with the right water sport safety. We’re here to talk about the top 4 activities that we love whenever we go to the ocean or lake.

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1. Bodyboarding

Bodyboarding is one of the most popular water sports for kids, and for good reason. It has the fun and “cool factor” of surfing on a smaller scale, and it’s far safer. It’s one of the safest surf sports.

Make sure that you pay close attention to small children while they’re bodyboarding. While it is safer, it’s still possible for children to get hurt and you need to stay wary of rip currents.

To bodyboard, you only need to go deep enough into the water to catch a wave before it crashes. The waves that are closer to shore are small enough for children to ride.

Lay on the board on your belly and attach the connecting elastic to your ankle or wrist. Look for a rolling wave and get on top of it. Ride the wave all the way back to shore.

2. Kayaking

So what if you’re not in a wave-prone area? No problem. You can hit the lake in your own tiny boat and go kayaking.

Kayaking is great for the whole family. You can have more than one person in each kayak, making it great for parents with young children who may not be able to paddle on their own yet.

If you’re kayaking with kids, it’s best to stick with calm lakes. Make sure to put your child in a life jacket and teach them basic swimming skills before you get out on the water.

3. Jet Skiing

Looking for more excitement than kayaking can offer you? It’s time to start jet skiing. Whether you’re renting a jet ski or you buy one for yourself, this is a fun way to spend time on large lakes or in the ocean.

Make sure that you look into local regulations for motorized water vehicles. Some areas don’t allow wake, which means that you can’t jet ski fast. Often, you’ll start in a no-wake area and then move to a place where the wake is acceptable.

As with kayaking, make sure that children wear lifejackets. Because you’re going into deep water, it’s best if adults also wear lifejackets, even if they are strong swimmers. Children should hang onto the waists of the driver for safety.

4. Surfing

Surfing is the coolest way to have fun in the water. Many people love watching professional surfers and dream of getting onto the waves on their own. Why not give it a shot?

Surfing is more dangerous than the other options on this list. It’s best to take surfing lessons before you start. There are lessons made specifically for children, so be sure to enroll your child in a few classes before you get into the water on your own.

Try These Fun Water Sports

These water sports are fun for the whole family. Whether you’re hitting the waves on your surfboard or bodyboard, you’re racing through the sea on a jet ski, or you’re taking a soothing kayaking trip, all of these activities will have a great time. Start preparing for your water sports fun today!

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