5 Reasons Why Visiting a Doctor is Important Following a Spinal Cord Injury


Spinal cord injury is very serious, and people should never take it lightly. Since the damage of this injury may increase over the period, it is highly recommended to hire a good spinal cord injury lawyer to get justice and fair compensation and treatment in the future. Here are some reasons you should visit a doctor frequently after an injury.

Increased risks of heart disease

Spinal cord injury can increase the risks of heart disease in a patient. Since the injury is extremely painful, the other aspects of the body are usually neglected. It is advisable to keep regular doctor visits to ensure that the other organs are not coming under the stress of problems. A good SCI lawyer would recommend the same to you.


Spinal cord injury requires rehabilitation, depending on the nature of the injury. Some rehab programs can last as long as four to six weeks. However, some physicians and physiotherapists might want to prolong the treatment to get more compensation from you, which is why it is important to consult a good SCI lawyer.

Monitoring nerves

Nerve damage is very common when it comes to spinal cord injuries. You must keep a regular follow-up with your doctor to ensure the nerves are working as they should and the rehabilitation therapies are not damaging the nerves. In some cases, people start recovering from the spinal injury but eventually damage the nerves and lose all the progress they made. Paralysis of the limbs is a common outcome of spinal cord injury. Thus, the physician must keep a check on the functionality of the nerves.

Damage control

Injuries in the spinal cord can lead to paralysis, weakening of the heart, and kidney issues. The doctors can keep the damage under check and control and ensure that the issues do not spread from one organ to another. The spinal cord handles most of the nerves in the body, and premium care must be taken to ensure you are safe.

The future course of action

The doctor’s responsibility is to decide the future course of action after a spinal cord injury. You must keep a good lawyer in the loop of future treatment to ensure that you are not given any unwanted or unnecessary treatment or therapies. Although the doctors know the best what should be done, with a good lawyer by your side, you can be confident from both ends of the treatment plan.


Regular follow-ups are needed after a spinal cord injury, depending on the intensity and severity of the issue. To ensure that your ends are secure, always consult a good lawyer when you or your loved ones have to go through a long medical procedure involving healthcare providers and insurance companies. There are chances that one might miss some points and ideas, which the lawyer would help you cover. For more information about legal issues with a spinal cord injury, please visit United Spinal Association.

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