5 Tips for Prepping Your Backyard for Spring

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As spring draws near, most homeowners are excited about getting outdoors again. However, preparing for it in advance is essential to enjoy the sunny days and all the blooming flowers. There are several things you can do to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Below are five practical things you can do to the backyard to make you well prepared for all those spring days outdoors. 


Clearing Dead Growth from Gardens and Flowerbeds


You can tell that spring is near when there are signs of life in your backyard. As the snow begins to melt away, you will notice that new flowers and plants start to grow as well. It would help if you cut back the old plants from the previous season, which helps promote more growth of new and old plants and flowers.


Now is a great time to start thinking of plants and flowers you intend to grow. You should have a list of shrubs and flowers that will make your backyard pop. Even if you will not plant right away, at least have a vision of what you want. Your flowers and plants have a better chance of thriving when exposed to maximum sunlight so focus on planting in areas that have adequate sunlight. Be sure any current plants and flowers are not obstructed from natural sunlight. 


Work on the Lawn


There is no better time to show your backyard some TLC than during the spring season. This is when you bring out your lawnmower, weed whacker, and other gardening tools to help you clear any debris and prep the online instant lawn for better grass growth. A decent cut and replenishing nutrients through fertilizer application is a great way to help make your yard beautiful again.


You should also patch any bare land that may have resulted after the snow and achieve uniformity throughout the lawn. When the weather is favorable, you can bring out the sprinklers and let them run to help promote grass growth.


Bring Out the Patio Chairs and Prep your Gazebo


You probably had all the furniture taken indoors or stored in a storage shed during winter to protect them. This may have been the same case with your gazebo. With spring approaching, this is a sign that you need to prepare the gazebo and bring out the furniture since people will be spending most of their time outdoors. To prep your gazebo, remove any coverings and clean up the gazebo with a damp rag to remove any accumulated dust from being covered all winter. Now is an excellent time to consider prepping the BBQ and cleaning it to be ready for use whenever needed.


Clean your Patio or Deck


The fact that this area was neglected for months because it was not in use means that it has most likely accumulated a lot of dirt and debris throughout the colder months. Use cleaning detergent, brushes, scrubbers, and mops to get the deck clean. You should also wipe down surfaces, including seats, decorative pieces, and tables. Prepping your deck or patio for a new season can be hard work. However, it is vital to get it done if you want to enjoy using the space once spring arrives.

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