5 types of sleeves for every woman’s wardrobe

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With many women dresses online, you have a zillion choices to select from. From different shoulder styles to sleeve styles to fabric quality, there are several options to choose from. One vital challenge is the different types of sleeves available.

Ever wondered what defines one top from another apart from the size? Obviously, it is the shoulders and the sleeves. Sleeves are a prominent aspect of any garment as they enhance the style. Hence, special attention is paid to the sleeve area to change the way an outfit looks in a body. If you are wondering which sleeve to choose, then here are 5 types of sleeves which should have a place in every woman’s wardrobe.

Have you ever thought about the hack which fashionistas and influencers use to create the right silhouette? The right type of complimentary sleeves – be it full sleeve tops for women or half sleeve or off-shoulders can make an impact on your whole outfit. That said, here are few things you need to keep in mind when shopping for sleeves.

  • Make sure that the garment’s shoulder seams match perfectly with your highest shoulder points. Droopy shoulder seams can make you look drab.
  • You will find full sleeve tops for women especially oversized shapes featuring an overstated drop-sleeve. In this case, make sure to pick a suitably oversized sleeve to make it look intended rather than looking bloated.
  • If you have a slender frame, go for sharper shoulders and sleeves with a properly defined shape. You can choose from a puff sleeve or sleek cap-sleeves.
  • If you have particularly broad shoulders, go bold and sharpen them using a power shoulder. You can also soften the broad shoulders with ruffle sleeves, flowy sleeves or drop sleeves at your discretion.
  • Choose a sleeve in conjunction with the rest of the outfit and the shape of the garment. Make sure there is a balance between body and sleeve volumes.

Sleeve styles have been introduced centuries ago as per the evolving fashion cycles. Furthermore, they have been revisited, reestablished and reinvented many times over contemporary outfits.

Many of the current sleeve trends carry historic backgrounds and date back to medieval, industrial, Victorian, colonial eras. Many full, 3/4th, and ½ sleeve styles are already tried, used and have been brought back in today’s fashion.

5 types of sleeves for women dresses online

1. Flare or Bell sleeve

Crisp and well-fitted, flare or bell sleeve is trending nowadays. Eventually flaring out as it reaches the wrist, the bell sleeve is popular as full sleeve tops for women. From fashion runways to budget-friendly street shoppers, the sleeve is popular for its bell-type appeal.

2. Raglan or drop sleeve

Sporty and truly chic, the raglan and dolman sleeves are variants of the drop sleeve. Raglan sleeves are very much common in half as well as full sleeve Tees. They are a part of active-wear styles as they fit well with the body and are great for easy movement and flexibility.

3. Off-shoulder sleeve

A variation of cold-shoulder sleeve style, the off-shoulder sleeve is one of the sophisticated styles currently available. They have been trending for almost a decade now and are here to stay. They are available in a variety of styles – flouncy, bell, and ruffle. A sexy and bold style makes an impactful statement. They are quite popular with Millennials and Gen-Z.

4. Puff sleeves

Also known as Peasant sleeves, the Puff sleeves are a favorite of fashionistas and divas. Anamika Khanna has frequently used this sleeve style in her designer collection.

Pretty and classic, this sleeve is striking and is the focus of the outfit. So make sure to balance your whole outfit to highlight this sleeve and accentuate your style.

5. Flounce sleeve

A subtle sleeve than the bell sleeve, the Flounce sleeve makes a minimal statement effectively. From small and straightforward designs to slightly flare out, you can try different flounce sleeve styles that make your whole outfit confident.

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