5 Ways to Read Tarot Cards for FREE

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This article provides a great introduction to tarot card readings. This article will cover a few different ways to read tarot cards. If you’re a beginner to tarot card reading this is a great article for you. A list of five different ways to read tarot cards will be provided. You can also read more about it here.

The first impression method

In this method of reading tarot cards like the name suggests it is all based on your very first impression. As soon as you flip over the card, think about the first thing that comes to mind. Observe the card carefully, look at the colours, the picture, the feelings, and anything else that you notice. Your first impression can help you understand what the card is trying to tell you.  

The intuition and emotion method

In this method, it is very important to trust your instincts and your gut. Once you flip over the tarot card think about what motions come to mind and how the card makes you feel. Your intuition is super important as it can guide you to the deeper messages that are relevant to you. The energy and connection you feel from the cards will help you understand what the card is trying to tell you.

The memorization method

Obviously, each tarot card has a specific meaning. If you are new to tarot cards memorizing is a great option for you. When you are a beginner, it can sometimes be difficult to trust your intuitions or your first impressions. In this method you simply try to learn the meaning behind each card, so when you pull a certain card out of the deck you understand the specific meaning it is trying to convey. You do not need to memorize all the 78 cards in a tarot deck to be a good reader. Although, having a good overview and understanding of the cards can help you become a better reader.

The symbolism method

In this tarot card reading method it is important to pay close attention to any symbols portrayed in the card drawn. When looking at the card try to notice symbols that stand out to you. Then think about how this symbol relates to you. Does this symbol relate to something you’re experiencing now? Does the symbol mean anything to you? Think about any possible connections between the symbols you see in the cards and your own personal life. Drawing connections from the symbols in the tarot card to your personal life will make you an excellent reader.

The Jump Right in Method

In this method you need to immerse yourself into the deck. You are no longer an outsider; you are now someone who is inside the deck. Now that you have fully entered this world of tarot it is important to observe. Use your five senses to understand the world in which you have entered. Once you are connected to the card you will begin to understand its meaning. This hands-on method allows you to form a deeper connection with the cards by really immersing yourself into the experience. This is a great way to form a connection with the cards if you are struggling to understand their meaning.

These are only five simple methods to get you started. There’s a whole list of other ways to read tarot out there. Choose the method that suits you best. It is strongly suggested to try all these methods to find the right one for you. You can even mix and match methods if you feel comfortable. Tarot card reading is complex and takes time to master so don’t get discouraged! There are also so many websites that offer free tarot readings to get you started!

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