7 Home Safety Tips For New Homeowners

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You’re done with all the paperwork, your mortgage is approved, and it’s time to close, which goes smoothly. You’re all set to move into your new space and make it a loving home for you and your family. Home safety and security are just as important as decorating the space. In this article, I am going to talk about 7 home safety tips for a new homeowner, so you don’t feel overwhelmed and enjoy the moving process.

7 home safety tips for new homeowners 

1. Change the locks on all doors 

You never know how many people the previous owner gave keys to. Change the locks as soon as you move in. All you need are a few hand tools and some heavy-duty locks from Home Depot or Canadian Tire. It won’t take more than 20 minutes to switch out one lock.

2. Install a smart home security system

One of the most important home safety features is a smart home security system that will alarm the police if there’s a break-in. It also lowers the chances of getting robbed because burglars often check if the property has a security system before breaking in. Two non-negotiable features the security system must have include 24×7 assistance and customizable options.

3. Invest in motion sensors along your house’s exterior

Use cameras and motion sensors to track activity around your house. You can access live footage on your phone or computer from anywhere at any time. You can also view recorded footage to check if you missed anything.

4. Test carbon monoxide and smoke detectors 

Walkthrough your new house and check the location of the detectors. You ideally want one in each room. You can test them manually or the best choice would be to replace the batteries. It’s also recommended to install new carbon monoxide and smoke detectors where you feel necessary.

5. Custom make a first-aid kit

You can buy a first-aid kit from your local drug store or supermarket but it won’t have all the things you need. Use a store-bought kit as your starting point and include extra gauge, cotton, bandages, and kid’s medicine. Keep it accessible to every member of the family, including kids. Make sure you tell your children to not use it unnecessarily for playing and only when absolutely required.

6. Replace the filters of the HVAC system 

Your very first job as a new homeowner is to replace the filters of your home’s HVAC system. You don’t know when the last owner changed. Also, when changing you’ll also learn about water or structural damage, if any. You’ll find HVAC filters in any nearby hardware store.

7. Install a video doorbell 

A must-have for all homeowners, a video doorbell helps you see who’s on the other side of the door without opening it. You can access the smart system using your phone anywhere around the world. It’s perfect if you travel regularly and want to receive packages at home.

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