7 Reasons To Go For Online Flipbook Creator

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This article discusses some important reasons to choose online flipbook creator. Let’s get started.

The internet has changed the scenario of several things and businesses forever. For example, PDF files are slowly going out of fashion since the advent of online flipbook creator software. Publishers used to make different publications such as magazines, newspapers, brochures, etc. in the form of

PDF files and distribute and upload them. Readers and customers have to download the PDF files and use a PDF viewer to read them. However, with the advent and popularity of flipbooks, everything has changed. Now, they do not have to download them and need to install a 3rd party module to read flipbooks.

For publishers and business owners, they can embed them in their blogs or websites.  Readers can directly access and flip through the pages of your flipbooks.

Some of the common reasons to choose online flipbook creator are mentioned below:

1. Realistic page turning effect

Unlike PDF files, readers can flip through the pages of flipbooks and get the feeling of dealing with a real paperback. This realistic page turning effect has the potential to retain the reader’s attention.

2. All-device accessible

Page flipping publications can be accessed using all devices such as tablets, smartphones, desktops, and more. The design is responsive so readers can easily view them on all devices without any hassles. If you want to take your mobile marketing to the next level, you should invest in online flipbook creator.

3. Embed video

A video can greatly enhance user engagement in your publications. Further, a video is a nice way to deliver your message fast while being entertaining and fun at the same time. You can embed videos quickly via online flipbook creator software.

A modern software program also supports Vimeo and YouTube videos. Anyone can embed them easily without any technical knowledge needed.

4. Google Analytics integration

This feature lets you produce trustworthy data that as well in real time. You can monitor and assess the data appropriately. You can monitor your user engagement and user behavior. You can also monitor the demographics of your users.

Based on this data available in real time, you can draw rational conclusions. Further, as per the likes and dislikes of your users, you can make important tweaks to the content of your publications.

5. Table of contents

A table of contents or more commonly known as TOC is basically a list that usually contains titles, chapters, and brief descriptions of the publication. The main benefit of having a table of contents in your publication is that your users can directly visit a particular section of your publication with ease.

Further, it can greatly organize the content in your publication by and large so that your users don’t feel lost anywhere.

6. Unlock new revenue streams

You can unlock new revenue streams by embedding Google AdSense in your publications. You can earn a lot of dollars by selling or renting free space in your publications for sponsored ads. In this way, you can generate more impressions.

7. Search engine benefits

You can optimize titles & meta descriptions of your digital publications in a way that they get found fast by web crawlers easily. This is huge in view of the fact that you can generate a lot of impressions for your flipbooks.

The above discussed are the top 7 reasons to pick online flipbook creator software.

If you are looking for online flipbook creator, you can find a huge number of options on the internet.

You can get a free of charge trial online in view of the growing competition.

You can take recommendations from friends that have used a flipbook software program recently.

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