7 Small Details That Make a Kitchen Especially Cozy

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The large number of things needed for cooking often creates a feeling of clutter and clutter in the kitchen. So, sometimes hostesses, trying to get rid of everything unnecessary, give up decor elements as well. But there are a few simple items that do not take up much space, but ennoble the room and give it back its personality. All these items are inexpensive and there’s no need to play this Roulette games with no download or hit a jackpot in the lottery.

Textiles on the Table

You should never underestimate the textiles on the table. A fabric tablecloth always looks much better than the usual oilcloth or nothing to cover the table.

Some may say that it is impractical, but modern kitchen tablecloths have a water repellent impregnation, and can be easily washed and dry quickly.

Dirt is not absorbed into this fabric. And for more functionality, you can put beautiful thermal protection napkins on the tablecloth and put the dishes on them.

Bright Towels

Multicolored towels will perfectly complement the laconic kitchen design. The main thing is that their shades match the general color scheme of the room and harmonize with the coloring of tableware.

These seemingly insignificant details create a special atmosphere in the house and indicate the artistic taste of its owners.

Upholstered Seats for Chairs

Cushions placed on chairs or stools make the furniture much more comfortable. They create an environment for peace and relaxation. And beautifully chosen fabric colors can make cushions and elements of decor.

Posters on the Wall

Posters with pleasant wishes, appeals or collages of family photos look appropriate on the walls of the kitchen. The kitchen is an area where family members and guests meet most often, so images of real events will evoke pleasant memories, defuse the situation and suggest topics for table conversations.

Functional Organizers for Crockery and Cutlery

Comfortable and practical utensil holders, cutlery and utensil stackers are not only useful for keeping things tidy, but also for making the kitchen cosier.

If these pleasant little things are also created by hand, they will invariably raise the mood of both the hostess and the guests.

Fresh Flowers

Any living plants in urban kitchens fill a small room with a pleasant smell, saturate the air with oxygen and create an illusion of closeness to nature.

You cannot limit the installation of flower pots on window sills, and build corner shelves, wall shelves or an entire photowall. And it doesn’t matter what flowers you put. Both gladiolus and cacti will look perfect in your kitchen, regardless of its style and size.

Besides, a small vegetable garden of low-growing vegetable crops and herbs is very useful for enriching the family diet.


Even a small rug of pleasant coloring in the middle of the room or by the sink will decorate the bare kitchen floor. Choose a small doormat on a rubberized base. It can be easily knocked out, vacuumed or washed in the machine.

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