8 Tips To Rustle Up Your B2B Twitter Campaign For Success

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As a B2B executive, you certainly don’t wish to miss the vital space. Your B2B sales team faces the risk of lagging if you ignore Twitter. The micro-blogging platform may not be able to compete with LinkedIn or Facebook for reach. However, it has millions of active users worldwide. Thus, no wonder most reputed digital agencies offer Twitter marketing services.

Here are tips that can help your B2B campaign get clicks, and of course, leads:

1. B2B targeting doesn’t have to be stoic and dry

No doubt, you probably intend to target project managers, manufacturing department heads, sales reps, purchase department executives, etc. However, these are humans, thus, showing emotions won’t hurt.

Your brand message needs to appeal to the millennials who are part of every workforce.

For example, check John Deere’s tweets. The company sells everything from simple tractors to complicated industrial machinery. But, their Twitter timeline is not dull. It appeals to all.

So, while developing a content strategy for the Twitter B2B landscape, keep in mind that your clients are humans. 

2. Measure the engagement 

Uninformative and dry content can result in unfollows, inadequate response. So, you would surely like to gain a nuanced grip of your audiences’ likes and dislikes.

Twitter Analytics can help you in understanding the same and supercharge your strategy. You can plan the campaign according to the best days, the best time for getting maximum responses.

Twitter Analytics also offers a breakdown of followers according to their location.

Besides the Twitter dashboard, you can also monitor Google Analytics data to check Twitter referrals for your content. The information retrieved from both sources can be compiled together in the form of a monthly report.

3. Position your brand as a thought leader

Are you a small-scale manufacturer who is willing to assist people with answers to industry-related questions? If so, you can easily position yourself as a thought leader. Once people start trusting you, they will elevate your brand image in their mind.

4. Identify potential profiles

Several B2B representatives think Twitter is not too relevant for them.

What’s your take on this? Not sure about the answer?

Try this

Enter “acquisition team” as keywords in the Twitter search column. Then, choose the “people” option in search filters. You will be surprised by the results.

Professionals working at various positions do have Twitter profiles, and most of them are active. Search with terms that you describe your target audiences with, and you might come across potential leads.

5. Reach potential leads with Hashtags 

Initially, you may not have many Twitter followers. Thus, you would have to use Hashtags and tag a maximum of three people in the tweet.

Limit tagging others; else, your handle may appear like a spammer. Use industry-specific phrases as Hashtags. It will help Twitter users searching for relevant content in finding your tweets.

You can also create a hashtag relevant to your product or service. Then, use influencer piggybacking to keep it trending. Keep the Hashtag simple yet memorable.

Read these guidelines to ensure your Hashtag does not turn into a nightmare for your business.

6. Short and interactive forms of content 

Are you creating content as a part of B2B lead-generation strategies for Twitter? Polls, assessments, and quizzes should surely make it on the list. The micro-blogging site does not support long articles. But, quick, short and interactive reads do attract eye-balls.

B2B marketers can use such interactive forms of content for understanding audiences. Responses to such content can help in nurturing relationships further.

7. Choose your ad formats wisely

In April this year, Twitter revamped all the ad formats into just five.

  • Promoted Ads:

The option is the most preferred one. You can promote tweets, even those consisting of videos and images.

  • Twitter Live:

The category is perfect for broadcasting events and moments, enabling audiences to join the event live.

  • Follower Ads:

These are perfect for enabling advertisers to promote their accounts in front of a targeted audience. Besides attracting new followers, this type of ad can help in creating brand awareness.

  • Twitter Takeover:

With this advertising category, Twitter enables advertisers to place their ads alongside trending topics. It helps maximize reach as the ad gets placed on Twitter’s real estate across desktop and mobile apps.

  • Twitter Amplify:

The category can benefit businesses by placing ads with relevant video content on Twitter. The micro-blogging platform integrates them with exclusive premium content.

Choosing the best format suitable for your content and campaign type can be challenging. Are you planning your first B2B Twitter marketing campaign? Consider working with an agency for Twitter Account Optimization.

8. Drive traffic to your Twitter landing page

Your company needs to pour immense resources and time into creating excellent content. You may also run paid campaigns to target specific types of users.

Considering finite attention span and extreme competition, convincing your target audience to click on your link is nothing less than an achievement.

Now, you don’t wish to waste your efforts by sending them to a random web page, do you? A landing page dedicated to Twitter traffic can make visitors feel special.

While promoting a tweet, you can choose your target audience from the list of followers. Thus, taking them to a dedicated landing page with special offers can result in quick conversions.

The on-page offer needs to match with the campaign message. The landing page should work great on phone browsers and must have a single call to action button.

A sane marketer cannot ignore these numbers

  • The micro-blogging platform holds an advertising audience of above 353 million.
  • Roughly 85 percent of B2B marketers are already using the medium.
  • Studies suggest more than 82 percent include Twitter for organic content marketing plans.
  • The same research also suggests 27 percent of B2B content marketers used various Twitter advertisements to promote content during 2020.


With Twitter, you can come in front of a different set of audiences that you probably missed on Facebook and LinkedIn. Why miss the opportunity to promote your content and generate brand awareness?

Twitter indeed can drive traffic to your website and blog. At least some of these leads can be converted into customers. Work with a reputed Twitter marketing company. They can assist you in choosing between one-to-one, one-to-many, or many-to-many approaches.

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