9 Ways to Identify Genuine and Real Black Diamonds

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How can you identify Black Diamond As Real or Fake?

Black diamonds have their significant specialties if you want to use them as fine jewelry. Diamonds are one of the most expensive natural stones globally, so you have to know the characteristics of real black diamonds because fake black diamonds result from radiation treatment from low-quality white diamonds.

Black Diamond or black diamond is a type of precious stone commonly found in Central and Southern Africa. This stone has been formed naturally in the Earth’s bowels for thousands of years with very high air temperatures. Therefore, black diamonds have very strong durability.

Diamonds have a fairly strong hardness and can reflect light, giving the extraordinary beauty of their uniqueness. Nobles have also used this black diamond stone since ancient times. Public figures also use it because its deep black colour is synonymous with the impression of luxury and elegance.

This black diamond is formed for thousands and even millions of years in the core or bowels of the Earth naturally at very high temperatures and pressures to produce very hard and strong natural crystalline material with a hardness of up to 10 Mohs.

Many collectors are willing to spend a lot of money to collect various types of diamonds. However, do you know the characteristics of real and fake black diamonds?

Characteristics of Genuine Black Diamonds

If you want to buy a black diamond, first make sure it’s not black Moissanite. If you get black Moissanite, it means the item you are buying is much cheaper. Then, you need to be careful if you find black diamonds in an online store. Check their 4cs of diamond-like cut, carat, colour, and clarity. 

Overseas, the price of black diamonds reaches 100-400 USD, or the average is still at hundreds of us dollars per carat. Black diamonds with such a selling price are generally white diamonds that are quite dirty, and then irradiation is carried out. This radiation treatment is what makes the colour black.

Black Diamonds accompanied by reports or small memos from the lab only explain that the diamonds are natural. Still, it is rare to find explanations about the treatment method. If the black diamond you buy is priced at a low price, it can be considered that the diamond has been exposed to radiation treatment.

Here are 9 points to determine the original or real black diamond. Let’s see!

1 . Hard

Diamonds are the hardest stones in the bowels of the Earth. If the diamond you have is damaged or split when you get a light impact, it can be ascertained that the diamond you have is fake.

2 . Have Various Colors

In addition to black, diamonds have a variety of colours. Diamonds with pink, yellow, and blue colours are rare diamonds. However, do not be fooled if the jeweller says the diamonds for sale are rare but have colours other than pink, yellow, and blue.

3 . Can scratch any object

Diamonds can scratch any object because diamonds are the hardest objects on Earth. The way you can test the authenticity of a diamond is by scratching your diamond on the glass. If the glass is ground and your diamond doesn’t have any scratches or blemishes, you can be sure that the diamond you have is genuine.

4 . Unclear Reflection

If you want to test the authenticity of a diamond in another way, you can put your diamond in a newspaper. If the diamond you have is genuine, then the writing in the newspaper doesn’t look so clear.

On the other hand, if you put a fake diamond on a newspaper, the writing will be legible. This is because fake diamonds are made of glass, resulting in a clear reflection of the object behind the phony diamond.

5 . There is a Gray Reflection

Real diamonds can give a gray reflection only. If your diamond can reflect various colours, then the diamond you have is fake.

6 . Can’t Fog

Try blowing your breath on the diamond. If the mist on your diamond dissipates quickly, it is a real diamond. Meanwhile, if the fog lasts for a while on your black diamond, then you can be sure it is a fake diamond.

7 . It can’t be heated

If you heat a diamond and the diamond is hot, the diamond you have is likely fake. Like fog, real diamonds dissipate heat quickly, so if you touch them, you won’t feel warm or hot on your diamonds; this guarantees that the diamonds you have are genuine.

8 . Fake Diamonds Float in Water

Currently, many naughty people are selling fake diamonds. To deceive buyers, sometimes the seller is not responsible for mixing the characteristics of a real diamond with a simulated diamond at the bottom.

Then, test the authenticity of the diamond by dipping it in water. If the diamond floats, then the diamond is fake.

9 . Able to Reflect Light

Real diamonds can reflect light on each side, thus making them always sparkle. Whereas fake diamonds usually only emit light at the top of the diamond.

Diamonds with a deep black colour have a very dazzling appearance. Besides being strong and hard, black diamonds can also reflect light very well. Black is also much easier to mix and match with some clothes. You will get a luxurious and elegant impression of black diamond jewelry at our genuine online Store. 

Its black and bright colour and the resulting vibration can provide calm, fortitude, steadfastness, and inner peace. This black diamond is also believed to encourage your psychic or psychological development. It will be very suitable as internal therapy and an emotional treatment that can make you calmer.

Many people have diamonds to be used as jewelry or personal collections, so because of the beauty and privileges of these black diamonds, they can be used as a very good investment vehicle for their owners.

The above are the characteristics of a real black diamond and the general characteristics of diamonds. Before buying a black diamond, you should learn these things so that unwanted events do not occur and you can shop quietly and safely.

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There are also many advantages to diamonds that can increase your confidence. Happy Choosing Black Diamonds at a Very Fair Price!

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