A few Healthy Christmas Gifts in the Jar


It is that time of year yet again, time to reflect, celebrate, present, and be joyous. Christmas time can be a festive holiday filled with colorful lights, Christmas village features, gingerbread houses, and pastries galore. During this season, It’s my job to take a trip down the memory aisle and journey back into the perfect time to reflect on my childhood. We were holding fond memories of beautifying the tree, visits for you to toy land, sitting on Santa’s lap, and then impatiently waiting for him to come along the chimney with a carrier full of toys. Although days gone by are long gone, throughout the decades I have adapted to the custom of gift-giving which is an essential element for my vacation festivities. I love seeing the actual excitement and wonder within the eyes of the recipient and also the bright colorful packages underneath the Christmas tree. Gift-giving is a method of connecting people and

augmenting generosity in ones living. In the heart of vacation shopping, it can become stressful as well as challenging to search for the “perfect” present for that special person in your lifetime. Why should you scratch your head as well as circle the store on twenty occasions before you find that unique present? Sometimes you find yourself buying another pair of socks or a perspiration shirt to give your loved one. Encourage yourself this year and give the actual recipient the unexpected present of making something you put lots of thought and heart into.

If you are buying for your children’s teacher, a friend, a neighbor, or even a family member, why not surprise associated with a homemade “gift within a jar” which is something they are going to surely love and value? These days, most people are looking to get healthful so why not present something that will certainly nourish their body and gasoline their energy? I am going to format a few ideas to help you get your own personal creative juices flowing.

Get started with writing a list of the items listed below before you embark on this getaway shopping journey. Glass francmason jars with lids (a variety of sizes), tags, envelopes, paper, hole puncher, scissors, satin or raffia bow, and ingredients for the recipe ingredients. You can pick these items upwards at your local craft retail store and market. Who knows, you can even have some of these items actually in your house.

So now that you have your own personal items let’s start acquiring creative with these three balanced “gifts in a jar” tips.

Healthy recipe in a bottle #1- Holiday Goji Maqui berry Crunch

Your loved one will enjoy this kind of snack because it is versatile, they might add it to natural yogurt, cereal, or just munch with a handful in the afternoon.

Organic granola (buy throughout bulk)
100% unsweetened snagged coconut
Cacao nibs
Natural and organic dried Goji Berries
Total Raw Pecan Nuts or maybe Pistachio Nuts
A small case filled with even amounts of cinnamon and chia seed

Information: Get any size wine glass mason jar. Layer every single ingredient in the jar possibly amounts separately at a time. Various: place the small bag involving cinnamon and chia plant seeds last. Securely close typically the lid and attach some sort of label with pretty raffia or satin ribbon. They are able to add a ½ or one tsp. of cinnamon as well as chia seed mixture for their Holiday Goji Berry Crisis.

Healthy recipe in a container #2- Holiday Winter Veggie Soup

Vegetable soup may be the gift that keeps on providing. This will warm your body as well as your soul during the cold winter season.

Ingredients for soup blend in a jar:

1 ½ pint glass jar
½ cup of dry eco-friendly split peas
½ mug of dried white renal beans
¼ cup associated with dried barley
(First choice) ½ cup of dried-out quinoa (put in a plastic material bag)
(Another option) ½ cup of uncooked wholegrain (put in a plastic bag)
Attached is a small bag associated with the following seasonings; two clean leaves, one tbsp. with the following herbs, dried parsley, dried cilantro, and tulsi.

Directions: Lay the green separated peas, white kidney pinto beans, barley, pasta or amaranth, and seasonings. Lastly, close the lid tightly for the glass jar (Note: Retailer in a dark and neat place until ready to cook). Place the following recipe within the envelope, punch a gap in the upper right or left corner of the envelope, carefully thread a satin or raffia ribbon through, and wrap often the ribbon around the lid with the jar securely in place, in addition, to tie it into a bow. Supplemental ingredients, two 32 oz of organic low salt content vegetable broth, one 33 ounces of filtered water, one 28 ounces connected with organic crushed tomatoes, a couple of garlic cloves (minced), ½ sweet onion (minced), a couple of organic celery stalk (whole or sliced), teaspoon connected with red pepper flakes, two you don’t have sliced organic carrots, teaspoons of olive oil, sea salt in addition to pepper to taste. (Optional: add additional seasonal greens that satisfy their palate).

How to prepare the soups: First, take the bag of pasta or quinoa out there, and set it aside. Second, rinse the espresso beans and then soak them overnight (8 hours) in a bowl of h2o, or until soft. This day, get a medium to be able to a large pot and sauté minced garlic, onions, and chili peppers flakes in olive oil above medium heat for about a moment. Next, add crushed tomato plants and carrots, and sauté for 10 minutes. Lastly, add veg broth, filtered water, oatmeal, soup mix (first empty from the bowl of water), seasonings, and sea salt and spice up to taste. Bring to a boil and reduce heat to be able to low. Securely place the top on the pot and simmer for 45 minutes to an hour or so. (Note: remove bay results when you are ready to serve)

Inside a separate pot, boil h2o and cook pasta right up until al dent or ancient grains according to directions on the package deal. Serve with whole grain progresses.

Holiday recipe in a container #3- Holiday Chocolate Chip Hotcakes

What better way to start the day than with these delicious morning hotcakes? Your loved one can serve it along with a bowl of fresh fruit and scorching maple syrup.


just one cup of organic whole-wheat flour
1 tablespoon connected with organic sugar
¼ teaspoons. of sea salt
2 teaspoons. of aluminum free of baking powder
2 tbsp. connected with mini chocolate chips
In a very bag: (1-2 tablespoons connected with chia seeds and just one tsp. of cinnamon)


Place whole wheat flour, carbohydrates, sea salt, chocolate chips, of baking soda, and then place the tote of chia seeds in addition to cinnamon on top in a small francmason jar. Tightly close often the lid and place the following recipes and additional ingredients in a wrap. Get the hole puncher, in addition, to punch a hole inside the upper right or left-hand area. Thread satin or a raffia ribbon through the hole protecting it around the lid not only that, tie a bow. These are definitely the

additional ingredients: 1 ½ cups of regular organic dairy products, almond milk or tv water, 2 tablespoons connected with coconut butter, and 1 outdone cage-free egg. Recommendations: Get a medium size pairing bowl and mix all the elements in the jar and carrier. In a separate bowl combine all the wet ingredients. Reserve. Lightly grease a griddle with coconut butter and also turn it on to medium warmth. Pour ¼ cup regarding batter onto the griddle to make a round pancake.

Prepare food until the edges are a bit golden brown and then turn to cook the other aspect.
You can give this surprise with a bottle of natural maple syrup or a carrier of coffee.

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