Advantages of a Dye Sublimation Printing Machine

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Dye Sublimation Printing Machine is the new way of printing objects in large volumes. The technique involves applying a coloured dye onto an aluminum plate in which the ink is bonded. There are various types of sublimation printers currently available in the marketplace. These machines work with different types of inks. Let us discuss about it briefly.

Most common dyes are pigments in liquid or semi-liquid state. The printing process is completed by spraying the liquid dye onto the required surface. The surface can be a bare metal, glass, plastic or any other surface that can be easily fixed with the help of special resin or powder coatings. The most significant advantage of dye sublimation printers over the other common printing methods is that it is much faster and produces high quality images. This is possible because the printers use an electric current to set the colour dye in motion. The speed depends on the kind of printer that is being used.

The process of dye sublimation printing machine follows some basic steps. The first step involves pre-charging the pigment of the dye. In some instances, the electrostatic charge is released as well. After this, the ribbon is fed through a head that contains a solid mass of dye that is coated with a transparent carrier.

The second step is the actual printing process. In this stage, the dye transfers from the carrier onto the required surface. The colours of the dyes vary depending on their purity. For instance, most dyes are clear, yellow and blue in nature, whereas there are some rare ones that can be pink or red in colour. There are also some special sub-dyes available in this context, which are suitable for Dye Sublimation Printers.

The technology has emerged as one of the major printing technologies nowadays. It is one of the fastest printing processes available. For digital printing, the printer combines the resin and heat transfer dyes together. This allows the manufacturers to make large quantities of posters quickly and at low costs. This technology also offers many benefits like the fact that it consumes a lot less electricity than any other traditional printing technology. This is why many small as well as large-scale industries prefer the use of digital printing rather than conventional Inkjet Printer or LED digital printing technology.

The dye sublimation printing process is highly useful in the case of short prints. This is because the printer can trigger the release of colour in very little time. These are perfect for short printing processes and small visual illustrations. On the other hand, the colour in this process does not fade away, as it is almost permanent.

Apart from this, another great advantage that you get with a digital sublimation printing machine is that you can create three-dimensional images with the help of these inks. This means that you can easily make images and designs like objects, buildings etc. using 3D effect inks, which will look much better than the ordinary image results.

Some of the best-selling Dye Sublimation printers include Epson, HP, and Lexmark. Even if the cost of these machines is relatively higher, it will definitely worth the investment, once you get the quality output. Also, when it comes to selecting a dye sublimation printing machine, it is advisable to go through the customer reviews and other customer feedback, so that you get an idea about the performance of these machines and their reliability.

Once you decide upon a particular printer, you need to get the required materials ready for the operation of the machine. These are the toner cartridges, ink pads and paper inks. Before you start printing, make sure that all the things are ready in place, such as paper, toner cartridges and other accessories. The most important thing that should be considered before starting off with a new digital sublimation printing machine is to carry out proper quality check on the raw materials. If your quality check is not proper, then the entire printing process could become faulty.

Another advantage that you can get with a digital sublimation printing machine is that you can choose from different types of fabrics, such as polyester and carbon fiber. Cotton is also used for printing, but the outcome of printing will be less than that of the other types of fabrics. Generally, the printing process is done with the assistance of a special dye sublimation technique. This is done in the traditional method of using dye sublimation, where a ribbon, or threads are heated up. The color change is caused by the expansion and contraction of these threads, which is carried out mechanically by an electrically heated drum.

A good printer combines the best qualities of both thermal printing and electronic printing technology, in order to produce high quality prints. This happens when the threads are placed on the topmost layer of the material. The dye is then introduced gradually, so that the thread does not heat up abruptly. This is the main reason why most of the cotton clothes are made of pure cotton, because it is easier to place the dye there, and the heat does not escape. As the color of the fabric gets changed, the dye sublimates, causing the colors to appear gradually. Thus, it is possible to obtain prints with any color tone, as well as very vibrant and vivid colors.

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