All Saints Leather Jacket Review

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As winter has started knocking on the door, this is the perfect time to buy some crazy winter clothes that will surely boost your style quotient and protect you from the chill of winter. And in this regard, jackets can be the best choice for you, mainly if you are a biker or have a craze for wearing jackets to enhance your style quotient. So if you are looking for a best-designed jacket at the best possible price then surely ‘All Saints Leather Jacket’ can be your ideal choice.   

They are one of the leading jacket brands from the UK, which has a worldwide presence and comes with a huge collection of various biker jackets at attractive prices. The amount of choice you will get to see here will surely baffle you as they offer you jackets in around nine variants that will surely lure your mind. Therefore, here we are going to put some lights on some of their top variant jacket that will give you a classy look and boost your attitude. 

#1 Milo Leather Biker Jacket  

Well, this is one of our top recommendations that if you are looking for the best biker Jacket made up of pure leather and comes with ultimate comfort, then surely Milo leather jacket is the ideal choice for you. It is made up of lambskin leather and soft, thus giving you complete comfort while wearing it. This jacket comes in various colours and designs that you can easily choose from the portal and select the best one you like most. 

#2 Bronto Leather Bike Jacket  

The Bronto has been the toughest jacket that comes from Allsaints made from pure Buffalo leather. As a result, this is one of the toughest animal hides you can manufacture leather. Here the jacket’s zippers are thick and sturdy, whereas its belt loops are probably as thick as our finger, and its lining is 100% polyester which is expected at this price range. This jacket is a perfect match for European countries like the UK and others, where we get to see a chilling winter with temperatures going down to -10 to -30 degrees. However, if you are from a place where you have only mild winters, this jacket is surely not a perfect match for you based on your site’s climatic condition since the coat is very warm and thick.   

#3 Wick Leather Biker Jacket   

Well, this Wick Jacket is what a standard biker jacket should be like, as it is not too thick and neither too demanding. And here the best part of this jacket is that it can be for all ages and you can wear it on any occasion while riding the bike. It is made of 100% lamb leather, where you can feel its softness which makes it very comfortable to wear and suits your style quotient.  

#4 Berwick Biker Leather Jacket  

This is another masterpiece collection of biker jackets that comes from the house of All Saints. This is also a very warm jacket and gives you a feeling it has remained friendly for the last couple of years. So if you are from a mild winter then surely this is not the right jacket for you. However, this is a perfect match for all bikers while travelling during chilly winter, giving you complete comfort while riding. This is 100% washable and reusable, and the company offers proper washing guidelines to customers when they buy it. 

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