All you need to know about cleaning your earbuds

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If suddenly you are not able to listen to every beat or lyric through your earbud, then there is a problem. It could be accumulation of wax in your earbuds. While earbuds are used, the heat in the ear canal causes the wax to settle in the earbud. This needs to be removed since it can cause distortion.

If you are using JBL Earbuds, then the same needs to be cleaned properly. This article will take you through everything that you need to know about cleaning earbuds.

How often it should be cleaned?

If the earbuds are being used on a daily basis, then an alcohol wipe must be used to clean them at least once a week. This will help in removing the accumulated wax, grime and dust. If you are not cleaning it on a weekly basis, then make sure that it is done on a monthly basis. Otherwise, it will deteriorate its lifetime.

What tools are needed for cleaning?

Before you start with the cleaning process, it is important to know the tools which will be needed to perform such tasks. For instance, you will need a toothbrush and alcohol wipes. Furthermore, you will need dishwashing liquid, cotton swabs, water and alcohol.

How to do it?

Following are some of the steps that you need to follow to perform proper cleaning of the earbud:

  1. Clean the tip of the earbud. Create a solution of dishwashing liquid and water.
  1. Once the tips are cleaned, make sure that you allow them to dry for few hours. Do not put the tips back on the earbud until and unless they are completely dried.
  1. Clean the mesh cover of the earbuds. Toothbrush should be used to brush the visible wax from the mesh.
  1. The mesh cover thereafter should be disinfected. All the residual remains should be removed. Let the mesh cover to be dried.
  • Disinfect the outer side of the earbud as well.
  • Once the disinfection is completely done, allow the earbuds to dry. Before putting them in the case, make sure that the earbuds are completely dry.

Tips to clean

If you clean audio equipments, such as JBL Speaker, properly, then they will last longer. If you follow the right tips in cleaning, it will extend its lifetime. For instance, you should put earbuds in case while they are not being used. The case should also be cleaned.

A lot of people tend to treat water resistant earbuds improperly. It is essential that the earbuds are not kept wet for too long. Moistures can cause disruption to the earbuds. If you are using wired earbuds, make sure they are not tangled.

The bottom line

Above is all that you need to know about cleaning earbuds. You should also go through the instruction manual in order to maintain it properly. If done so, it will ensure that the headphones last longer and function in the best way.

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