All You Want To Know About The Tomato Flu Rise

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Contributed by: Anjali Sharma


Indian scientists and medical professionals are working nonstop to discover a therapy for the lately found tomato flu.

A viral sickness referred to as tomato flu or tomato fever has been famous in India since Might 2022. 

Within the Kollam district of Kerala, the primary incidence of the sickness was reported. And as of now, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Odisha have every detected about 90 situations.

Youngsters below 5 have been generally affected by this unusual illness referred to as tomato flu. 

The Lancet Respiratory Drugs states that there are not any specific drugs to deal with tomato flu, which is infectious and self-limiting.

The virus that causes hand, foot, and mouth illness can have a brand new variation, however it isn’t deadly.

What’s tomato flu

A uncommon viral sickness referred to as “tomato flu” is at present on the rise in India. A singular case of hand, mouth, and foot sickness, this illness is characterised by the looks of painful blisters which might be crimson and might develop to the scale of tomatoes. 

Intestinal viruses are liable for this uncommon sickness. Resulting from adults’ sometimes stronger immune systems and metabolisms, kids between the ages of 1 to 9 are extra vulnerable to tomato flu or tomato fever.

Signs of tomato flu

Medical professionals assume that kids’s dengue or chikungunya fever could evolve into tomato flu. In keeping with accounts, the preliminary indicators of tomato flu are the identical as these of another viral an infection. akin to:

  • An abrupt rise in physique temperature
  • Horrible physique aches
  • Redness or rashes on the pores and skin that itch consistently
  • Stinging blisters
  • Fatigue and lightheadedness

Different signs of tomato flu embody extreme mouth sores, rashes and itching on the arms, toes, and buttocks, swelling within the joints, nausea, and dehydration. 

Resulting from related signs, the tomato flu is typically mistaken for a coronavirus, though specialists have proven that this virus is unrelated to SARS-CoV-2.

Therapy for tomato flu

In keeping with studies, tomato flu or fever is a self-limiting sickness, which means that it typically resolves by itself, with out the necessity for therapy. 

In consequence, there are not any specific drugs available on the market which may be used to deal with or remedy the sickness.

It’s prompt to maintain sufferers with the unusual illness remoted since it’s rapidly transmitted from one particular person to a different and is well contagious.

Similar to chikungunya or dengue, the principle course of remedy for a affected person with tomato flu or tomato fever is analogous.

Sufferers are given a balanced meal and a whole lot of drinks to assist them keep hydrated. Widespread drugs like paracetamol or aspirin are beneficial to scale back physique temperature and relieve physique aches.

It is suggested to train and deal with private hygiene, together with utilizing a moist sponge to take away rashes and keep away from scratching blisters or rashes.

Prevention of tomato flu

Controlling the unfold of the tomato flu is the purpose of preventative interventions. 

Following are some easy strategies to cease the unfold of the illness:

  • Hygienic circumstances and correct sanitation needs to be prioritised.
  • Whereas tomato flu seldom ends in demise, medical intervention remains to be vital.
  • Within the occasion of an an infection, isolation is important.
  • Youngsters who’re contaminated ought to keep away from any social contact.
  • It’s best to not scratch rashes and blisters.
  • Heat baths or showers needs to be given to kids who’re ailing.
  • Give a balanced food plan and satisfactory relaxation for fast restoration.

Closing ideas

An individual is set to have tomato virus when molecular and serological testing rule out the potential for viral illnesses akin to dengue, chikungunya, zika virus, varicella-zoster virus, and herpes.

Tomato flu is extraordinarily infectious, very similar to different influenza strains, thus it’s essential to take all attainable measures, notably when it comes to cleanliness and sanitization.

The tomato flu is a self-limiting sickness, which means it goes away by itself, whether or not or not a particular remedy is used.

There isn’t but a particular medication that may deal with it. The remedy is an identical to that for dengue, hand, foot, and mouth sickness, chikungunya, and associated signs. 

It entails seclusion, leisure, consuming a whole lot of fluids, and utilizing a scorching water sponge to assuage inflammation and rashes.

Moreover, you must also bear preventive well being checkups. These well being checks give an entire report about your well being, permitting you to take vital precautionary measures to enhance your well-being and hold a number of illnesses at bay.

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