An Overview of Utility Bill Auditing and Tips to Finding an Auditor

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Utility bills come in every month for businesses in various industries, therefore, increasing the expenses, but how often do you check the bills in detail every month? Understanding the utility bills can be challenging. The bills are complex and will have items on the list which you may not understand, including the calculations, terminology or simply lack of interest. 

An Overview of Utility Bills Auditing

Most individuals look at the total charge to know what they need to pay for the utility. Furthermore, few will compare the previous bills with the current ones. However, it is vital to audit the invoices for any errors. The companies will likely make an error, and you can find your bills rising with no clear indication of the reason. Also, energy audits can help you identify ways to save money by cutting down on your consumption or finding errors. 

The process of reviewing the invoices for inconsistencies and errors is what we call utility bill auditing. It looks at the company’s rates, account opening or closing timelines, and any additional fees. You can have an auditor analyze the different utility bills in your home or business. The information is important as it can help with planning and getting refunds on excess charges.

The Benefits of Utility Bill Auditing

Few companies can have internal personnel to audit the utility bills, but they can outsource the services to a professional firm. Below are some benefits of auditing the utility bills;

  • Error identification; it can be costly to receive a bill with errors for prolonged periods. The amount you are supposed to pay can significantly rise if the billing company has the wrong reading. Still, being charged on the wrong plan will have a similar impact. However, utility bill auditing will identify any errors to ensure you pay the right amount.
  • Helps request a refund on the errors; when the auditing process identifies errors in the rates and reading, it would be best to request a refund from the company. Alternatively, the firms can credit the amount in your account for future utility bills. It does not matter the time the errors happened; it is critical to forward the findings from the audits to the service providers for action.

Tips to Finding a Suitable Utility Bills Auditor

It is vital to get the right personnel for your utility bills auditing. Below are factors to consider when searching for the services;

  • Select a firm that undertakes utility auditing as its core business.
  • Experience; consider a company that has been in the industry for a prolonged period. They will have adequate knowledge and skills to help with the initiative. Also, they know the processes of handling the issues and will advise you on the proper channels to follow.
  • Personnel; the individuals undertaking the audits play a significant role in the initiative’s success. Consider the qualifications and skills of the auditing company’s staff to know if they can conduct the audits properly. 
  • Seek a firm with a proven track record in the industry. You can check online reviews about the company and previous clients they worked with.



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