An Overview of Workers Compensation in South Carolina

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The law in South Carolina entitles you to compensation on medical expenses, lost wages, pain, and suffering when you suffer an injury at the workplace. Still, you will get additional benefits depending on the injury extent. Some people require continuous care due to permanent disability. 

What are Your Rights?

Inform your immediate supervisor immediately you suffer injuries from workplace accidents. Writing an incident report after the accident happens can start the compensation process. Also, it is necessary for case building and can act as evidence to support your claims. Your employer has to cater to the treatments, but some companies may neglect the responsibility. A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Manning, SC, can help you with the case and ensure you get your rights. 

Currently, an employer can recommend the doctor for your treatment after a personal injury at work. Suppose you decide to go to an alternative medical practitioner without your employer’s consent. In that case, you will likely lose the reimbursement on the medical costs unless you need urgent care. However, you can go to your preferred doctor if you want to. 

If your employer has insurance coverage for the accidents, you will liaise with the company for compensation. The firms operate for profit, and they can try to give you an undervalued offer to avoid paying more. Nevertheless, it is best not to sign anything before talking to your lawyer. Settling early can make you miss the appropriate compensation since you may not know what the damages are worth. Therefore, it is critical to get expert legal help to get the best outcome in your worker’s compensation case.

What to Expect in South Carolina Worker’s Compensation Case

Understanding the process of lodging a worker’s compensation case in South Carolina is beneficial. The law should help you get remedy and justice for your injuries. A qualified and experienced lawyer can help you understand your rights. Below are some things you can expect when having a worker’s compensation case in South Carolina;

You can Sue for Negligence and Carelessness

In South Carolina, your entitlement to compensation is on medical expenses, lost wages, and permanent disability, when you have an injury resulting from work. Still, you can seek further remedy if other parties’ negligence and carelessness by other parties e accident. An experienced attorney in the State can help you determine liability and prepare the case against the party at fault. 

The Insurance Company Pays

Do not be afraid of seeking your worker’s compensation since it is not your employer who pays. On the contrary, they will have an insurance plan to cater for it. You will need the money for your treatment and ensure you do not lose income due to the injury. If the insurance company is reluctant to pay, consider using a South Carolina worker’s compensation attorney to follow up on the issue.

Your employer should not retaliate

The legislation on worker’s compensation in South Carolina cautions employers against retaliation when employees file a case. If it happens, your attorney can recommend a specialized legal expert in wrongful termination, and you can sue the company for further damages. 

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