Android and iPhone monitoring software TheOneSpy review 2021


Today we are going to review monitoring software for android and iPhone known as TheOneSpy. We discuss features, pricing pros cons, installation, and many more things. It is the world’s best android and iPhone tracking app that everyone needs to know.

Cell phone monitoring app is seemingly is intrusive, but today we talk about the legitimate tracking software. End-users can use it on android and iOS devices. However, it depends on the user that how you can use it for ethical and unethical activities. TheOneSpy does not encourage intrusive and illicit surveillance. Before we discuss it comprehensively, you need to know about the following.

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What is TheOneSpy monitoring app?

TheOneSpy is one of the best cell phone parental monitoring apps. It enables parents to monitor kid’s online activities to the fullest. The application combines android and iOS tracking features and supports both operating systems. Moreover, it has products that can monitor windows and mac tracking apps. It is also helpful for employers to spy on business-owned devices to track employee business-owned devices connected to cyberspace. It has more than 250+ features to track android phones and a dozen to monitor iPhones.

The software works on smartphones, tablets, and iPads secretly. It can record live phone calls, read messages, track GPS location, and spy on emails. Further, record surrounds capture screenshots and monitor keystrokes.

Why use TheOneSpy android & iPhone monitoring software?

It is time to discuss reasons that why anyone wants to use a cell phone tracking app. Users can use it to track lost/theft phones, spy on kids, and monitor employee business-owned devices. Nowadays, the web is full of cell phone spy apps for android and iPhone, but you have to choose the best in the business. We are here to guide you on why tracking app for cellphone is your priority to monitor any cellphone device connected to cyberspace.

  • It works on the phone secretly
  • It remains undetectable on the target device
  • It is a non-rooted monitoring software for android
  • It is a jailbreak solution to monitor iPhone devices
  • It is best for the surveillance of employees
  • Best for setting parental control on kids

TheOneSpy phone tracking app products that you need to know

The phone surveillance app has multiple products that you can use on your targeted device. You can use it to track mobile phones and PCs running with android, iPhone, Windows, and MAC. There are the following products of the best cell phone monitoring software, but we are doing about for android and iOS devices.

Here are the following products:

  • TheOneSpy Android spy app
  • TheOneSpy iPhone monitoring app
  • TheOneSpy windows tracking software
  • TheOneSpy MAC spying software

TheOneSpy android monitoring app Features

It is an application that works on android cell phones and lets you know what the target device user is doing in real-time. It is best for spying on kid’s online activities and further spy on business devices. Users can make sure business safety and productivity.

Let’s discuss Top 5 features of android tracking software

Live screen recording

The end-user can access the TOS web control panel and activate the best android tracker feature known as a screen recorder. It enables users to record back-to-back short-time videos of the cellphone screen. Further, send the recorded videos to the web control panel. You can view and get to know what is happening on the android screen.

Android GPS location

Android spy enables users to monitor and track the pinpoint location of their employees and kids’ hidden whereabouts. It can track location history and mark safe and restricted places for kids and employees secretly. Users can track the location of the target phone without using GPS and by using SMS.

Social media tracking

The social media messenger tracking app is the best tool to read the IM’s logs. TheOneSpy monitors messages, chat, voice messages, and voice calls without root. Users can also record IM’s VoIP calls using a Voice call recorder without root. You can read the logs of Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Line, Telegram, Skype, and many more.

Surround recorder

You can take over the target mobile microphone to record and listen to the voices, sounds and chat conversations using the surround recording app. It enables users to know what is happening in the surroundings of android phones and tablets.

Call recording

Users can record live phone calls incoming and outgoing by secret call recorder software. Users can get the call logs with the schedule.

Read messages

Users can spy on text messages and chats conversations using text messages monitoring software.

Pros and cons of android tracking software


  • It is non-rooted spy software for cellphone
  • It is best for tracking kid’s online activities
  • It can track the pinpoint location of the android
  • It works without being detected on the target device


  • It does not work remotely without a target phone
  • Remote installation is not possible
  • It requires physical access for installation

TOS Android monitoring app compatibility:

It is compatible with android phones and tablet devices from OS version 5.0 up to 11.0. Moreover, it is non-rooted application, but a couple of features need rooting that’s for sure.

Price and Packages of TOS android tracking app

It has multiple price and packages and you can choose Xlite Edition for $6.25 per month. Moreover, use premium Edition for $12.5 per month.

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TheOneSpy iPhone monitoring app Features

It is an application that has evolved over the years, and previously we had a non-jailbreak solution, but today we are presenting your jailbreak solution for iOS devices. It is the best parental tracking software that you can use on jailbreak iPhones and ipads. Let’s get to know about its powerful features that are best for kid’s monitoring.

Let’s discuss Top 5 Feature of the iPhone tracking app

WhatsApp logs

IPhone tracking software is the non-jailbreak solution that allows users to spy on WhatsApp logs. Users can read messages, chat conversations, group chats with the schedule.


Users can track and monitor the entire iPhone contact book secretly on the target device, and you can get to know about the saved contacts.

Device information

Users can access iPhone device information to know about the IEMI number and devices attached with your iOS device.


You can monitor and track your kid’s and employees’ appointments by tracking iPhone calendars.

Call logs

Users can get live call logs of incoming and outgoing iPhone call logs using the iPhone jailbreak solution.

Pros & cons of TOS iPhone spy app


  • It works secretly and tracks iOS phones
  • Pack with dozens of features
  • Spy on WhatsApp chat and messages
  • Best application for parental control


  • It is a jailbreak solution
  • Remote installation is not possible

TheOneSpy iPhone monitoring app compatibility:

It supports iOS phones and iPads running from 11.2 up to 14.3 OS version. The target device jailbreak, otherwise you cannot install it on your target device.

Price and Packages for a jailbreak solution

You can buy a 1-month license for $35, 3 months for $55, and 6 months for $99.


TheOneSpy iPhone and android monitoring software is the best application that is easy to install, reasonable in price and feature-rich application. You can use it as parental control and employee monitoring software.