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A person’s core value is based on their innate drive to create value in there, which contributes to a person’s foundational beliefs. When a person is connected with this innate drive, it guides their behaviour and contributes to making valued decisions throughout their lives. This connection to a person’s value is very broad. It is reapplied various times in a person’s life to guide his actions that enable healthy emotional regulation regardless of their circumstances. It can be considered a constant drive that complements its core values. Therefore, one develops their core values based on personal beliefs and feelings from a place of self-value that works in a person’s subconscious mind. When we are connected to our innate drive to create value, we can develop healthy coping skills, healthy boundaries and emotional regulation, which in turn influences our behaviour well. A person discovers this core value drive, one becomes 

more self-aware of their ability to develop personal core values as they journey through life experiences. 

Anna Marie Askin-Evans is a professional counsellor at the Center of Holistic Psychotherapy. Besides her professional services for psychoeducation and workshops, she is greatly focused on helping people get back in connection with their inherent core values. Getting to know one’s core value connection helps an individual effectively articulate and efficiently address those life aspects that need alignment. Knowing one’s core value also motivates individuals to strive for betterment and not stall at one level. 

According to Anna Marie Askin-Evans, “Innate value is present in every person. Every person also has an innate drive to create value. But recent times of pandemics and other issues have made a lot of people stressed. As a result, people have lost connection with their ability to create value, by finding ways to heal, grow and create more for their lives, regardless of external circumstances. In other words, staying connected to one’s ability to improve and create more is an inside job”.

Allegiance to one’s core values is essential for personal development and helps individuals attain their goals. The stress associated with the spread of pandemics has resulted in people getting out of touch with their core values. Losing connection with the core values makes people react to their circumstances. The consequences may create devaluing behaviours that lead to unhealthy decisions impacting an individual’s progress in the long run. The behaviour can also become uncharacteristic, which causes a loss in the ability to experience contentment, fulfillment, and an internal locus of control.

Anna Marie Askin-Evans offers programs titled “Know Your Core Value” through virtual workshops. The workshop is focused on regaining the lost connection with your core value while developing personal core values. Joining this virtual workshop provides an opportunity to know your core values, understand your core values, and how you can create a valued-filled life. You can contact the Center for Holistic Psychotherapy if you have any questions by giving them a call on 540-347-3797 or visiting their for further information. 

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