Apk4Fun: Is apk4fun.com Safe and Legit



When compared to APKMirror, apk4Fun is significantly more organised while still being equally reliable and simple to use. Consequently, it’s quicker and less complicated to find the APK of your choice. Simpler names for the categories, such as Action, Puzzle, Racing, Social, etc., are used to identify them. Along with a popular downloads category, they also have one that is comparable to APKMirror’s.

You can benefit from APK4Fun’s top-notch services by using it to find the APK files that you want most and that are the safest. You can use the whole site without being under any obligation by not registering or subscribing, for example. Anything you download won’t contain an invasive little stowaway because the website and its contents are free of malware.

App Description

  • New apps like WhatsApp, Line, Hike Games, etc. may be downloaded for free here
  • Free on apk4fun but paid on the Google Play Store

Features include 

  • Daily app updates, 
  • Games, new releases, and the best apps you’ve never seen.

Positive aspects

  • It has been a while since the website was made.
  • Based on the volume of visits, Tranco has given this website a high ranking.
  • Numerous websites were identified to be connected to this one.
  • A genuine SSL certificate was located.
  • This website has drawn praise, according to the comments.

Negative aspects

The owner of the website’s name is not disclosed on WHOIS.

The location of the website poses a high danger.

Detected cryptocurrency services may present a high risk.

There are payment methods that allow for discreet transactions.

Complete Review of apk4fun

 Review of Company 

Anonymity has been preserved regarding the website’s proprietor. Even if spammers use this information to email website owners, there may be a good cause for it. It also makes it difficult to identify the owner, which is a shame.We would prefer if his real identity were revealed on the website.



Webshop Evaluation

The domain for this website was registered many years ago. Most of the time, an older website is more reliable. Nevertheless, con artists occasionally buy already-existing websites and start their evil activities, so make sure you keep an eye out for further warning signs.

We upgraded our evaluation of the website because Tranco gave it a good ranking. Websites are ranked by Tranco according to their popularity (the number of monthly visitors) and listings (how many other websites link to the site because they consider it valuable).

Quite a few links from other websites have been built up for this domain. This is a good indication. Websites find it challenging to acquire links from other websites. It does not help to have (paid) links from websites with low traffic. If the websites linked to this one wish to build “link authority,” they must have a solid online presence and lots of traffic.

This website contains information and/or services relating to cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin mining, digital exchanges, and investments in cryptocurrencies. It’s really challenging to evaluate these virtual currency services. Unfortunately, a lot of crypto-sites turn out to be frauds.

Technical Review 

According to the International Banking Federation, the website is being hosted in a nation with a high incidence of fraud and corruption. Therefore, conducting business with these types of nations has a larger risk.

We found an SSL certificate, which means that all data exchanged between your browser and the website is encrypted and inaccessible to others. All reliable and secure websites need SSL certificates. There is unfortunately no assurance that the website you are viewing is trustworthy because criminals frequently employ SSL certificates.

We have noted payment options that permit the business to maintain its anonymity. The buyer’s privacy is typically also provided by these payment options. These payment options have the drawback that it is frequently very difficult or even impossible to get your money back if the vendor does not provide the good or service. We suggest customers, whenever feasible, to use payment options like the main credit card providers and Paypal that come with some kind of “money-back” guarantee.


Most likely not a scam, apk4fun.com is legitimate. After reviewing the website, we gave apk4fun.com a 78% rating. Websites with this trust score are considered to be medium- to low-risk. Our trust score searches the web for data to generate a rating on the fly. We examine 37 additional facts, like the location of the website’s hosting, the place where the domain name was registered, the technologies being used. We cannot guarantee that the rating is accurate because the review of apk4fun.com is generated automatically. Every time you want to shop or leave personal information on a new website, we advise you to manually check it first.