Are Aluminium Foil Trays Really Indispensable?

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For decades, foil trays have become increasingly popular among food enthusiasts, takeaways, restaurants, and catering companies. Adopting aluminum containers as a basic packaging requirement in the culinary sector has expanded its usage globally. But are foil containers indispensable? What are their specific uses? And, are foil containers healthy? 

Here is everything you need to know about catering aluminium foil trays.

What are They?

Aluminium foil containers, commonly known as tin foil trays, are thin sheets of aluminium metal designed and rolled into tin-like slabs. This way, such containers can be used for various purposes, including transportation, packaging, and food storage. Foil aluminium trays are best suited for roasting, baking, and refrigeration. 

Features of an Aluminium Foil Container

Aluminium containers come in different shapes, sizes, and designs. However, the basic features that define an ideal catering foil include the following;

Light and Easy to Use

Like any other foil material, catering tin foils are made of very light aluminum metal sheets. This makes it easy to carry and transport. 

Highly Durable

Aluminium foils can withstand heating conditions, including high and very low temperatures. This makes them a perfect storage resource for the food industry. 

Extremely Flexible

Aluminium foil trays can be used to transport, store, package, and even roast some meals simultaneously. 


Aluminium is 100 percent recyclable and reusable. 

Benefits of Catering Foil Aluminium Container

Here are some of the benefits of using catering containers made of aluminium foil. 

1. Protection of Food Flavour

In addition to extended shelf life, foil containers with lids can maintain the flavor of food and food products. Aluminium is built to limit heat, gas, light, and other smells from infiltrating the food in the tin foil containers. This explains the convenience of such receptacles used in food chains, restaurants, and takeaways. 

2. High Food Hygiene

Aluminium is a great option for freshness preservation, heat moderation, and product sealing. As a result, foil containers with lids lower contamination and scattering during transportation or storage of food. Such efficiency plays a critical role in enhancing food hygiene. 

3. Non-Toxic Packaging

Plenty of packaging materials used in the food industry poses serious toxicity threats to consumers due to their material composition. However, with aluminum foil, there is almost 100 percent safety guaranteed as the material will rarely react with food. Again, high levels of annealing disinfection are applied when manufacturing the foil, enhancing security in the event of food contact.

4. Cost-Effectiveness

Today, the cost of producing aluminium foil has been reduced to significant amounts. Manufacturing a tin foil tray costs as much as making a plastic meal box. With the benefits of aluminium foil outweighing plastics, there is no doubt that market players will find more economic sense in foil tins than plastic boxes. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing Catering Foil Trays 

There is more than meets the eye for catering foil containers with lids. However, weighing your options around these factors will help you make the best investment decisions. 

Shapes and Sizes

Container foils come in multiple shapes and sizes. While some are measured in centimeters, the averagely large tins are sized in millimeters. Be sure to check the dimensions of your preferred container before placing your order. 


Most tin foils can be lidded. However, often, containers and lids are sold as separate units. Therefore, it is crucial to check out the type of lids you choose to get the right match for your container foils. 

Business Goal

Generally, container foils are built to serve a whole spectrum of industries and sectors. Whether you are a large-scale caterer, takeaway provider, or bakery, a container type is best suited for your business. 


In buying catering trays, the cost reduces with the number of items purchased. Sourcing your container foils wholesale is good for business. 

Interested in aluminium containers and foil trays for your small or large catering needs? You may want to check out suppliers like AA Catering Disposables, who provide a vast range of foil containers in all shapes and sizes of your choice. 

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