Are You Living in the Moment or Letting Precious Ones Slip By?

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You may have probably heard about the latest text abbreviation of ATM over social media. No, it does not mean an automated teller machine. It means “at the moment.” You would find people, especially the younger generation, using this abbreviation with their latest selfies that they like posting on Instagram and Facebook stories. It means it is what they are doing at the moment. In other terms, they are in the moment, but what does it truly mean to do so?

What Is a Moment?

Is it the sound of your family’s laughter from a single joke you made completely out of the blue? Is it the sight of your dog running towards you, excited to lick your welcome home? Is it the ethereal taste of something quite delectably new? Is it the smell of petrichor after a week’s worth of rain? Or is it the feeling you get when you hold your loved ones in a gentle embrace?


Why do we have these transcending moments of awe? Well, every person is unique, and every moment they witness is an experience. Imagine you’re running late for school, and you’re running for your life just to get there before the bell rings. Suddenly, you stopped. Why did you stop? What did you see, hear, smell, feel, or taste even? You know there’s only a few minutes left, yet you chose to stop for something?


These moments are all relative to everyone, but most of the time, you would not even remember you had one until years have gone by. However, there are also lucky cases that you are already aware that you are spending precious moments with your family and friends. When you do so, just live in it. Put down your phone and savor the special moments.

Enjoy the Small Things

Life can be complicated and even more challenging for others, and no one can tell anyone to look at the bright side and be okay. When you are in a predicament, that is not how life goes. No one can simply look at the bright side when there is nothing but gloom and distress.

However, that is exactly how everyone should live their lives—by looking at the bright side.

Every day when you wake up, try to find something worthwhile to focus on. Remind yourself of the things you need to be grateful for, and be thankful for having family and friends that love and support you. Even when you are out in the grocery, enjoy the moments you have, even when you are stuck in the queue. When you are out and about to see your trusted orthodontist or doctor, you can be grateful for the healthcare privilege and even enjoy good conversations with them. Lastly, you can still be appreciative of your day even when there is nothing but mental exhaustion after your work. After all, it is better to be exhausted than broke.

People can indeed try to look at the bright side, and things will look brighter. It is another perspective that is far from cynicism and unhealthy tendencies, and when you practice this habit, you are one step closer to having better everyday moments in your life.

Moments Make Life More Precious

The reason why we have these temporary lapses in time is that these are what make us feel alive. When we have a moment, time starts to slow down. Time allows us to let go of the weight that makes us tethered to the ground. When we have a moment, we feel as if the world is revolving around us, and everything is falling quite perfectly into place like everything is as where it should be.

How does one experience these moments? Well, to be honest, it’s all up to you. Either you find it yourself, or you wait for it because no matter how deeply buried we are in the stresses of existing, there will always be these temporary lapses in time when everything is and always will be perfect. You just have to notice it.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes you just have to take the climb for the view the world offers and the feeling that you will get when you stand over the ledge and look down. Your breathing will abruptly stop, and you will see how small things are, how fragile everything is, and how everything can change in the blink of an eye. And when you finally climb down, the adrenaline will stop, and life will get more precious.

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