Aron Govil: What You Need to Know About a Cloud-Based Accounting Software Implementation

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While some cloud-based accounting software packages are available, some business owners find the prospect of cloud implementation daunting. In many cases, not having an IT department or an understanding of how sensitive financial information is stored and shared online can cause anxiety about whether using this type of software package is the right choice for their company.

Here’s what you need to know about a successful cloud accounting package implementation: Aron Govil

1 . A Cloud Accounting Package Is Secure

One of the first things that business owners worry about when considering a move to a cloud-based accounting software platform is that it may not be secure enough to entrust their accounting data to it. While there have been high-profile thefts from some “cloud” companies in the past, the vast majority of cloud-based storage companies operate on highly secure servers. Systems are generally monitored 24/7 by security staff to prevent breaches and protect information.

2 . Reliability Is Key for Cloud Applications

Some businesses worry about whether or not a “cloud” solution will provide them with reliable services that they can rely on for their daily operations. When accounting systems reside in the “cloud,” this works in your favor when it comes to reliability because when one server goes down, your information is still available through another server due to redundancy built into the system. Also, when you use an application in “the cloud,” you can access it from anywhere at any time, so if something happens with one device which renders it inoperable, you can continue to work from another connected device.

3 . Cloud Accounting Systems Keep You Up-to-Date on Latest Features and Updates

Since the software provider is constantly enhancing “cloud” applications, your business must keep pace with these enhancements so that you don’t miss out on new features and capabilities which could ultimately help improve your company’s productivity and profitability. The latest upgrades in cloud accounting systems represent the best-of-breed technologies developed over the years and can help streamline many manual tasks such as visiting multiple websites or using dropbox files to access additional information needed for completing a transaction or task. This can save your company time and money while increasing efficiency.

4 . Accessibility Is Only Part of the Cloud Application

Since the software is accessed through the “cloud,” many businesses assume they can access it anywhere on any device, but this isn’t entirely accurate. While you will be able to gain access to your accounting information from virtually anywhere with an internet connection, some cloud-based software programs are more flexible than others regarding what devices you’ll be able to run them. For example, if you use Apple products exclusively and your accountant prefers Windows systems – make sure the cloud application allows for cross-platform compatibility before joining.

5 . Don’t Settle for Just Any Cloud Solution.

There are hundreds of cloud applications or accounting packages available in today’s market, so don’t just settle for the first one that shows up when choosing between them. Gather some recommendations or references from your peers – especially those you know who use the same types of business applications as you do – and find out which platform they recommend before signing on to any new solution.

While there are considerations involved with cloud accounting package implementations, the benefits outweigh these drawbacks when assisting small businesses in their day-to-day operations. By making this type of software accessible across all devices at no additional cost, companies save time and money not having to shell out extra cash for additional licenses, hardware upgrades, or solutions required by multiple employees needing simultaneous access to different files. Whether you choose an online application suite or a downloadable cloud- program, what matters is that your company gets the most out of its accounting solution and isn’t hindered by technology it can’t use to solve business problems.


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