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Let’s start the Astoria Activewear reviews with knowing what Astoria activewear is…

Astoria Activewear is a Chinese firm that uses a P.O. Box in the United States as their contact information and returns destination/business location.

The apparel displayed and described on their website is not what it appears to be. The apparel is see-through and smaller than the US size chart provided on their website/individual clothing goods.

The sports bra cushions on the inside dimple and do not retain their form. I discovered the identical exact products on Amazon for a fraction of the price with no effort.

Astoria Activewear reviews: it offers goods from China with tags removed and rebranded as Astoria Activewear for three times the price.

Astoria Activewear Reviews

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An Overall Review

let’s start the Astoria Activewear Reviews with a famous personal review:

“ The three products I ordered (Leggings in a size S and two sports bras in a size S) straight from Astoria Activewear’s website normally cost $124.98 with no discount or sale but can be purchased on Amazon with no discount or sale for $26.59 for both leggings and sports bra combined.

The company policy indicates that if things are returned to Astoria Activewear in Virginia (items are drop delivered from China), you will receive a shop credit upon receiving returned items that you paid to send back to them. The shop credit cannot be used with any other promotional coupons or discounts.

The shop credit is supplied in the form of a discount code (percent off purchase) and does not cover the amount paid on their website, thus you lose money to Astoria Activewear right away.

Because you can combine the “store credit” with other discounts, you can’t buy the same products as an exchange because it costs you more money than previously. Others have claimed that they have yet to get their shop credit and that the firm has ceased responding to their communications.

Lots of things happened but Afterall, Because of the sizing issue, they claim you can exchange it, but you have to first mail the things back to them and pay shipping charges, then you use a coupon code that doesn’t match up to what you spent and end up spending even more money.

Positive Astoria Activewear Reviews

  1. Astoria sportswear not only looks great but also feels great. I just finished my first exercise in my new gear, and it was comfortable and durable, thanks to the soft material. It rivals Lulu in terms of cuteness!
  2. The material they use is comfy, and I like my seamless leggings! The leggings I purchased fit like a second skin and appear to be custom-made for me. They are stunning!

A Negative Astoria Activewear Reviews

Astoria Activewear Reviews – I ordered a medium (I normally wear a small), but it was so tiny that I had to return it for a big. Because I purchased it during a sale, they refused to allow me to perform an equal exchange – for the same item in a different size – and informed me I would only receive store credit for the sale price, which would not be enough to purchase the same item! That doesn’t make sense, does it?

Furthermore, their customer support is quite unpleasant, indicating that they are uninterested in retaining clients. Don’t do business with them!

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Is Astoria activewear a decent brand?

Astoria Activewear has a consumer rating of 4.83 stars based on 409 reviews, suggesting that most consumers are pleased with their purchases. Customers who are pleased with Astoria Activewear usually praise the sports bra, squat proof, and purchasing experience. Among Sportswear websites, Astoria Activewear is ranked second.