AV-Blue2-St. Familia

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Soundtrack/Artwork-Sound Set up of the True Chill Space @ ArtVilnius Artwork Honest 2019.


All this Music, that speaking right here with you thru the Artworks, are composed by Synthetic Intelligence (AI) Laptop Composer.

We collaborated with a rare Tadas Tručilauskas on this multispeaking challenge when he simply began his new work.

By way of the Creation course of, from the start to the ultimate consequence, we have seen completely different Moods and Melodies.

Laptop composed completely different Music from the completely different states of an Artworks.

It’s an Synthetic proof of the rising up strategy of the works of Artwork.

Tadas says:
“I at all times wanted to decide on between being a Painter and a Musician. Now I am utilizing my Work as a Musical Instrument.”

Artworks obtainable for buy from the creator: https://www.fb.com/TadaTruTHEArtist/
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