Azure vs Google Cloud: A Cloud to Cloud Comparison

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As of now, about 81% of all enterprises use a multi-cloud strategy.

Years ago, companies were hesitant to store data on a cloud platform. There was a lot of uncertainty around what a cloud was and whether data would remain safe. Now, most businesses see the amazing benefits of cloud technology and cannot operate daily affairs without it.

If you’re a business owner looking into Azure vs Google cloud, you might be wondering which is best for your company. In this article, we’ll look at the differences so that you can decide whether Google cloud or Azure is best for you.

Why Google Cloud vs Azure?

If you’re trying to decide on which cloud platform to use, then you’ve no doubt stumbled across both Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure several times.

Before cloud computing took off, both Microsoft and Google were already considered leaders in the field. Both offer different services and products.

Benefits of Azure

With Azure, you have access to a free tier with minimal services. This is an excellent way to test out the cloud platform and get an initial impression of it without investing right away. If you do decide to purchase a paid service, Asure offers a $200 credit.

Overall, Azure has well-rounded storage services and features. While there can be a steep learning curve to it, there are many third-party Azure DevOps services that companies can hire.

Benefits of Google Cloud

Google Cloud offers a free tier the same as Azure does. This comes with basic services. They also provide a $300 credit to try other services.

When it comes to offering persistent disk storage (HDD/SSD), Google offers the cheapest price.

Side-by-Side Comparison

Azure boasts a massive data center infrastructure, which Google cloud cannot measure up to. This could be why so many companies began migrating to Azure.

Google Cloud manages to stay competitive when it comes to pricing on its various cloud services. However, Azure doesn’t fall behind in this area either because it offers several discount models.

Who Wins In Azure vs Google Cloud?

When it comes to Azure vs Google Cloud, both have their merits. Both providers bring a vast range of products and services that are high-quality. However, Azure does seem to pull ahead in terms of offering more services and discount plans to help it remain competitive with Google Cloud. Perhaps this is why Azure has shown massive revenue growth upwards of 60% over the past couple of years.

We hope you found this article informative. When trying to make a decision between either Azure or Google Cloud, do your research. Take into consideration the unique operational needs of your business, as well as the budget it has to spare. Once you compile a list of your own pros and cons, you should be able to come to a determination on which cloud provider best suits your business. There isn’t a definitive answer on which cloud provider is best, as that answer will vary depending on the size of the business and what it needs.

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