Benefits of High School Research Programs

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High school students across the United States and across the world are starting to conduct more research. Research has traditionally been seen as something done at the university level, but attitudes towards high school students getting involved in research are starting to change. As a result of the increase in high school research output, there are more research opportunities for high school students than ever, and these high school research programs come with important benefits. Here are some of the most important benefits that a high school student can get from a research program.

Explore a New Subject

In high school, students do not have the option of studying as many subjects as they can choose from at a university. This is because many high schools do not have the resources or size to teach certain subjects. Some of these subjects may include Philosophy, Anthropology, Astronomy, and many others. However, research opportunities can help students explore subjects such as these if students think that they might be passionate about the particular subject.

Since research tends to be centered around universities and not high schools, there are research opportunities available in any subject. This even applies to high school students considering research programs. Even if a student does not have a strong background in a subject, they can start learning more about it and writing an independent research paper. The experience will be a great way to learn if the subject is one that the student would want to consider studying at college and moving forward. Beyond what a student researchers, their advisor will also be an expert in the same subject area. If a student has any questions about what it is like to learn and research in a certain discipline, or the post graduate opportunities to which the study of a particular subject can lead, a research mentor is a great person to ask. They have a career’s worth of time in working in that particular academic subject.

Explore University

In high school, students’ academic experiences are mostly limited to schoolwork and clubs. However, research is another important element of the academic experience. This does not become true, however, until the university level. Students looking to go to graduate school will almost certainly need to be involved in research at some point. By conducting research while they are in high school, students can explore what college is like in greater depth and see if academia may be a career that suits them well. Research is very different from coursework. Instead of just absorbing knowledge, writing a research paper requires students to come up with their own original ideas and share them with the world. Students are required to develop their own opinions and put them to the test out in the world. This is not for everyone, but some find it to be a much more engaging than academic coursework and much more enjoyable as a result. Whether or not one enjoys conducting research may not affect whether they want to go to university since an undergraduate degree is very important for most careers. However, the research experience will at least give students a taste of the college experience and introduce them to what a career as an academic would look like.

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