Benefits of Microsoft Azure

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On Gartner’s 2015 Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service Magic Quadrant, both Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure are in the Leader’s quadrant. This is a significant achievement for Microsoft, given Azure only joined the Cloud Computing arena in 2010, whereas AWS debuted in 2006.

Azure has come a long way in the last several years. It now has a feature set and capability set that significantly outstrips its competition. This article will show why Azure is superior and the immediate benefits of hiring Azure consulting services. The following are the main areas where Azure outperforms AWS.

Capabilities of PaaS

For networking, virtual machines, and storage, both Azure and AWS provide similar IaaS services. However, Azure has better PaaS capabilities, which are a key part of today’s cloud infrastructure.

Microsoft Azure PaaS gives developers the tools, environment, and building blocks they need to create and deploy newer cloud services quickly. It also offers the necessary ‘dev-ops linkages required for monitoring, maintaining, and fine-tuning such apps.

Microsoft handles most of the infrastructure behind the scenes with Azure PaaS. As a result, Azure development enables a singular emphasis on innovation.

Compatibility with .NET framework

One of the most beneficial features of Azure is the .Net programming language, which gives Microsoft a significant advantage over AWS and the other competition. Azure was designed and tuned to work seamlessly with both new and old apps built on the platform.

Framework for .NET programming. Moving Windows software to Azure Cloud rather than AWS or others is considerably more straightforward for businesses. As a result, Azure is the clear answer for many enterprises that use . Net-based enterprise programs.

Offerings of security

Azure was built using the Security Development Lifecycle, a leading assurance process in the industry. It has security at its core, ensuring that services and private information are kept secure and protected while on the Cloud.

The European Union’s Article 29 Working Party and the data protection authority accepted Microsoft as the first cloud vendor. They were also among the first to implement ISO 27018, a new global standard for cloud privacy.

Therefore, Microsoft guarantees the highest level of safety for all Azure Cloud operations and data.

Seamless cloud connectivity with hybrid solutions

While Amazon is currently experimenting with hybrid solutions, Azure already has them in place. It links the cloud to the data centers in a seamless manner. Azure delivers a unified platform that allows for simple migration across on-premises and public cloud environments.

Unlike AWS, Azure allows developers to create hybrid apps that take advantage of resources in data centers, at the service provider’s end, or within Azure itself.

Azure now offers a better selection of hybrid connections to increase usability and speed, such as content delivery networks, caches, virtual private networks, and ExpressRoute connections.

Integrated environment 

Azure provides a unified environment for testing, designing, and deploying cloud applications. The client chooses the frameworks, and open development languages increase Azure migration flexibility even more.

Readymade services such as web, mobile, and media, and APIs and templates, can be used to jumpstart Azure application development. All devices, data, apps, and partners, both on-site and in the cloud, are brought together by Azure PaaS.

Its adaptable toolkit is appropriate for many integration tasks, from integrating mobile apps to on-premises LOB systems to orchestrating B2B payments with partners.

For businesses, selecting the correct cloud vendor is a critical and crucial decision. Azure provides a PaaS, hybrid solution, and a slew of other useful capabilities that are critical in today’s cloud strategy.

Hiring Azure consulting services has resulted in sustained company growth for several companies. As a result, when compared to AWS, Azure is a better option.

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