Benefits of Smartphone Gaming vs. Handheld Consoles

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With technological advancements, gamers now have a multitude of options when they wish to play games on the go. Technological innovation plays a huge role in fueling the development of the gaming industry. There are also several factors that contribute to this like streaming services, hardware developers, gaming arenas, e-sports, game publishers, and much more.

The gaming industry 

With much of the world forced to stay inside their homes during the pandemic, people resorted to online games to entertain themselves. They also use games to connect with friends and balance their social connections.

There was a 200% increase in the number of people ages 60 and above searching for games and 93% of people under 18 years old say that they are playing regularly. Even live streaming platforms for gamers said that their content viewers have increased dramatically during 2020. Besides entertainment purposes, games were also used for education. Teachers from the US and UK use online games to engage other students during classes.

The world of online gaming is estimated to reach $196 billion in revenue next year. It is now considered to be one of the fastest-growing industries in the world thanks to its technological advancements like virtual reality and cloud gaming.

Smartphones vs. Handheld Consoles 

Both gaming on smartphones and using handheld consoles offer benefits and advantages depending on the gamer. 


Besides the fact that almost everyone now owns a mobile phone and is considered a basic necessity, they also have a lot of Gaming options not just from Google Play or App Store but from different applications too. 

Tech companies have designed accessories for gaming that can easily be attached to mobile phones to boost the experience of online gaming. 

Some examples are a mobile game grip controller that can make you hold your phone for long sessions of gameplay, and full-on gaming headset designed to deliver you good audio, detailed directional sound, and a built-in mic that can be paired via Bluetooth or with a 3.5-mm jack if you don’t mind dongles. 

Smartphones are ahead of their time due to their advanced graphic games, some filled with hours of intricate stories and action-packed quests. 

Smartphones are also easy to fix when lagging or a bug happens. If you are equipped with a Samsung or even an Apple device, you can easily bring your gadget to an iPhone repair shop for a quick fix whereas with consoles, technical issues like power and charging, aren’t easy fixes and might take a couple of days or even weeks compared to phones. 

Some games require unlimited Internet access like Pokémon go and call duty since they require large data which could be a problem for some people that have access to limited data plans. Smartphone games might also need several purchases due to micro-transactions, which account for a huge percentage of the revenue that smartphone games generate. Most games allow you to play for a long time then require you to pay for more game actions later on.

They will also require you to refill the number of options by purchasing them. The actions will refill automatically but it might take some time without payment. Last 2016, 37% of total video game revenue was generated by mobile games because of these microtransactions.

Handheld consoles 

Handheld game consoles are smaller than home video game consoles. They are similar to mobile phones but are made just for gaming purposes. It contains speakers, consoles, screen, and mic in one unit allowing people to bring them anywhere.

Handheld games have always had a huge audience with gamers, and many members are from both home consoles and PC users. The main thing to consider is gaming consoles is the kind of game you play. A console made by Google or Apple will obviously be different from Nintendo in terms of games.

Although the mobile game is the most popular gadget in the gaming industry, handheld consoles can offer better controls, graphics, and game options. A good example would be the Nintendo Switch Lite that is portable, has long battery life, expandable storage, and has an intuitive button and key layout.

They are also known to be the sector to try out new ideas compared to other platforms. They have always had major innovations due to their experiments. But despite their developments, they have always stayed at a price that can be afforded by the masses, they are cheaper than a typical console and a PC game. 

Choosing a gaming device may vary from the user. Both gadgets are compatible and have their own merits. Some people may opt for smartphones since it’s a basic necessity, and they want every app on one device. Others may want a gadget fit for just gaming and would prefer handheld consoles. It really depends on you and your needs as a gamer. 

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