Best Litigation Lawyers in Houston


Litigation can be a major distraction and an unwelcome expense for many businesses. It can disrupt operations, prevent capital investment and affect employee morale.

If your company is involved in a legal dispute, reach out to a Houston business litigation attorney for assistance. These legal professionals will assess the facts of your case, apply the law and suggest an effective course of action.

Business Litigation

Business litigation encompasses a broad range of legal claims, such as disputes between companies and individual customers or consumers who believe they were injured by a company’s products or services. In such cases, an attorney specializing in business law should represent either party and defend them against any allegations brought against them.

Although litigation is sometimes the only option to settle a dispute, it is not always necessary. Alternative dispute resolution techniques like mediation and arbitration can often provide similar results without filing for formal court action.

Experienced business litigation lawyers can make all the difference when facing litigation and keep you calm throughout the process. They are trained to diffuse tensions and navigate tricky moments during negotiations or a business dispute.

Employment Litigation

Employment litigation is a complex area of law that encompasses federal, state and local statutes. These rules can be confusing for employers and often come with an added compliance burden.

Thus, resolving employment disputes effectively necessitates an intimate knowledge of the legal issues at stake, as well as an in-depth familiarity with relevant case law and an effective, tailored strategy.

At Burford Perry LLP, our attorneys possess extensive expertise representing employees and executives in cases of discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, ERISA violations, FMLA violations and FLSA violations. Furthermore, we have significant expertise in labor relations matters as well as wage-hour class action lawsuits.

Insurance Coverage Disputes

Insurance disputes are among the most frequent forms of litigation. They can arise for various reasons, such as claim denials and delays in payouts.

When facing an insurance coverage dispute in Houston, it’s essential to hire an experienced legal representative who will fight on your behalf and secure all of the benefits available under your policy. Our attorneys have extensive experience handling all types of disputes related to home and worker’s compensation policies.

Our team of top litigation lawyers in Houston will negotiate with the insurer to secure you the full and fair compensation for your losses. If necessary, we may even pursue legal claims for bad faith denial of coverage.

Commercial Disputes

When your business relationship with a third party has soured or you find yourself embroiled in a commercial dispute, you need an experienced Houston lawyer with legal knowledge and litigation power to assist. These legal professionals will craft a strategy tailored to your company’s individual requirements and aggressively present the case.

In some instances, mediation or arbitration may be the most efficient way to settle a commercial dispute. Doing so can help you sidestep an expensive court trial.

Disputations can arise among various parties within a business, such as contractors, suppliers, consumers and employees. These relationships are governed by contracts and other agreements which need to be followed for your operation to run efficiently.

A skilled legal team can assist you in resolving a commercial dispute through negotiation or mediation. However, if these methods don’t yield results, litigation may be necessary to pursue.