Best Places to Purchase a Second Home

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There are many people who want to own a 2nd home somewhere other than where their primary residence is located. You could think of this as a vacation house because folks will buy a house in a place that they have enjoyed going to in the past. Florida is a popular place that attracts many different people, from all over the world, to buy their 2nd homes there. These days, beachfront properties in Florida are in such high demand, there aren’t many even available for sale on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Another wonderful place people are purchasing real estate at historic rates is Winnipeg Canada. You can see that hot, sunny citydestinations, and snowy, winter wonderland cities draw a crowd.

Orlando Florida

One of the most popular cities on planet earth is Orlando Florida, home to Disney World and a host of other themed attraction parks. Over the years, Orlando real estate has gone up in value tremendously, compared to the rest of Florida, which has also seen very high prices statewide.

The theme parks bring people to the area by the millions each year. All of them get to see the wonderful communities that are available in Orlando, including some prestigious new construction neighborhoods, that feature state of the art amenities, onsite restaurants, and gorgeous, luxury housing that leaves nothing to be desired, except the price.

However, there are plenty of more moderately price’s properties around in desirable areas throughout Orlando. Of course, once you live here, you will find wonderful shopping centers with high end shops and boutiques. Not to mention, some of the best restaurants and dining options including many 5-star restaurants from all genres.

Winnipeg Canada

Switching gears to Winnipeg Canada real estate this year, which has been steady with moderate growth due to a booming local economy, fueled by an amazing jobs market, with great benefits and salaries.

Plus, the seasons you can experience are breathtaking and Winnipeg offers something for everyone. You can enjoy the sunshine and natural wonder of the Canadian landscape. Of course, the winters bring colder temperatures, snow, hot cocoa by the fire, and close family connections.

The restaurants in Winnipeg are some of the bests in the world and you can find shopping to sooth your soul, at anyone of the mom and pops stores in the area.

55+ Communities are Popping up all Over Florida

Pretty much anywhere you look in the sunshine state, you will find a 55+ community. Many of them were built ages ago and are selling for higher prices today, than ever before. But many brand-new active adult neighborhoods are being built now, due to the booming economy and high housing market.

In fact, Florida has been setting record sale numbers across the boards, but you would be surprised how many of them are 55+ homes today. It does make sense though. Florida has no state tax, low taxes in general, great weather year-round, and some great deals on quality housing options.

Fort Pierce Florida

Another Florida hot spot that you may not ever have heard of before is Fort Pierce. Located partially on one of the last natural Barrier Reefs, the area attracts millions of vacationers every year. The homes in Fort Pierce are comprised of single-family homes, condos, townhomes, and new construction properties. You can find housing for just about any budget here, which has really made Fort Pierce popular in the past couple of years.

Being apart of the Treasure Coast means that Fort Pierce is near downtown Stuart, a great place to eat and shop, at great mom and pops stores and wonderful boutique shops too.  You will find the greatest outdoor activities available as well, including tournament fishing, sailing, boating, swimming, or just spending a lazy day at the beach in the beautiful Florida sunshine.


Hopefully you can see there are some great places to purchase a second home, where you can truly enjoy the lifestyle that the area provides. Remember, the easiest way to see if a certain city or place will be the right fit for you, is by going there on vacation for a personally visit first.

You can see all the sights with your own eyes, enjoy the food up close and personal, and experience the shopping and entertainment options available near the place you are considering buying within. This way, you will ensure that each time you return to your second home, the experience will be wonderful, just like when you went there the first time yourself to check it out.

Lastly, it is always recommended that you consult a local real estate [professional wherever you plan to buy a house. You may not know or understand the local market there, and you want someone who can guide you and make sure that you won’t make a mistake. In the long run, studies show hiring a realtor can save you time and money in the long run, not to mention, a bunch of unnecessary headaches too.

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