Birddogs Pants Review- Exclusive Premium Shorts

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Birddogs Pants Review – Have you ever heard of wearing shorts and innerwear at the same time never right? But Birddogs has done it for us. The Birddogs shorts and pants include a built-in liner, so you’ll never have to wear underwear again. With their workout clothing for guys, Birddogs Pants Review suggests bringing e-commerce to the next level of obscenity.

Birddogs (formerly known as Boomers Shorts) was created in 2014 by former IBM Sales Executive Peter Baldwin and Chris Mason. Birddogs makes a variety of comfortable exercise shorts with a silk inner lining and a ball pouch to protect the testicles. The shorts are constructed of antibacterial fibers and have pockets for cell phones and wallets. They are designed to be light and quick-drying, and they are available in a range of patterns and colors.

One impressive fact about Birddogs is that they presented their business on the famous American show The Shark Tank. Unfortunately, the company didn’t get a deal but started its online business anyway. 

Birddogs Pants Review

Birddogs Pants Review Pants Analysis

The company recently invested in pants. They’ve got many of the same features as their shorts including, an in-build liner and extra pockets. They aim to offer a chino look with more comfort. For a long time, men were forced to wear uncomfortable and boring pants that never just fit right.

Many of the young office guys like more comfortable pants for work and genuinely dislike traditional work pants. Birddogs pants, on the other hand, are good for both conventional work and playing golf on a sunny day. 

The best parts about these pants are that they have the perfect cut suggested by Birddogs Pants Review. They are not too baggy or tight. Because they have built-in elastic, pants are comfortable around the waist. Most critically, they taper in the appropriate locations.

Tight pants bother, since they are uncomfortable. Birddogs provide extra space around the thighs and taper in around the lower legs. So, if you want a more modern style but don’t want to strangle your lower half, I think you’ll like these.

Birddogs Pants Review- Shorts Analysis

Shorts are essential to men. I have shorts for everyone occasions like working out, lounging, golf, and casual outing. Comfort and support are a big deal when it comes to shorts. And with Birddogs, people are skeptical about the in-build liner. According to reviews, people have changed their minds. The shorts are very comfortable and provide plenty of support. You’ll feel a lot free down there, and it’s almost like you’re wearing nothing since the material is so light.

Birddog shorts are known for their versatility. You can wear them on the beach and for outdoor activities at the same time. 

The material is soft and comfortable. You can sweat while working out or taking a dip in a pool short do not get damage. The shorts come with subtle functionality as well. They have two back zipper pockets and two conventional pockets. Overall, Birddogs has some excellent pairs of shorts.

Birddogs Pants Review

Birddogs Pants Review- Conclusion 

The Shorts and Pants are big thumbs up. They are comfortable, versatile, soft, and functional. The products range from $55to $90, which is decent and not too expensive. 

Birddogs offers free return and shipping, so try them on a risk-free basis. It would be nice if pants are available in more colors. At last, Birddogs is worth the hype and money. 

Birddogs Pants Review

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How can I contact Birddogs?

You can mail them to or

From where these shorts and pants are manufactured?

These shorts and pants are manufactured in China.

When will I get my order?

Birddogs Pants Review tells us that Birddog delivers their order within 4-8 business days. 

Do Birddogs ships outside the US?

Yes, Birddogs ships in Canada and Australia.   

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