Blakeney Leigh – Kicking Off The Future Of Carbon Zero Housing


The future of construction and design now lies in sustainability and zero-carbon approaches. But, with the climate crisis on the rise – architects, surveyors, and project managers have to rethink the way things are done.

Blakeney Leigh is a team of experienced property and construction consultants who were keen to get stuck into several housing projects for the Royal Borough of Greenwich. The aim was to create eight zero-carbon council homes that could provide a level of sustainable living and improve the impact of local areas on the environment.

Stuart Smith, a senior building surveyor at Blakeney Leigh, told us that “In the early stages of the contract, we researched and developed a range of different products to enable the highest performing, zero-carbon solutions would be implemented.”

It was of utmost importance that no comfort or functionality was compromised by the construction team’s new methods and innovations.

The usual standards and regulations still stand amongst the other considerations for energy efficiency and zero-carbon details. This meant that the Blakeney Leigh design approvers had to keep the project aligned with the Employer’s Requirements.

The effort of their Clerk of Works and construction design and management advisors has ensured the homes meet every requirement in terms of safety, functionality, and quality. However, approaching projects like these from a new perspective is more important than ever to implement checks at every point.

As a result, the Royal Borough of Greenwich will benefit from the longevity and maintainability of these fantastic new properties.

With years of experience in the industry, Blakeney Leigh was able to administer the design and build contract (RIBA stage 4 onwards) on behalf of the client and provide invaluable advice, reporting, and approvals throughout the project. The Employer’s Requirements and processes for each stage will be crucial to the success of similar projects set for completion in the future.

With 750 council homes due for completion by 2024, the plan is that they will be well equipped for a more sustainable future.

The innovation of the development team at Blakeney Leigh has resulted in a net carbon zero result and the implementation of many energy-saving measures.

Utilizing the floor system made by Cellecta Tetris has offered a highly insulated alternative to block and beam floors – trapping heat in the winter and keeping rooms cool in the summer. In addition, Kingspan TEK SIPs allowed highly insulated walls and roofs with excellent airtightness.

All of these will help occupants save on those skyrocketing energy bills!

On top of this, Velfac triple glazed windows combined with solar technology, Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP), and Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR). These systems ensure the property maintains heat and comfort while making adequate air changes. So if you are looking for people that go above and beyond to fulfill a brief – this is the place to be.

These innovations have resulted in a net carbon zero development that is already housing new tenants. Reducing the running costs and impact of carbon footprints will make these properties more readily available for the growing population looking for new housing or desperate to get on the ladder.

Similarly, Blakeney Leigh has played a massive role in paving the way for future developments and the possibility of zero-carbon housing.

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