Bolsover Cruise Club Reviews – Solent Richard Has Left Bolsover Cruise Club


Currently, we are not able to offer our services at the Bolsover Cruise Centre due to a huge amount of call volume, which is causing us to have to close. However, we are still open at Barlborough.

Sinbad 10

Despite his untimely departure, Solent Richard, otherwise known as “Shily3191”, has been part of the Bolsover Cruise Club forum community for nearly two years. As such, his contributions have been a welcome addition to the forum. He has also piqued the interest of Bolsover’s marketing team, resulting in him being the subject of several articles on Cruisedot. He is also a member of Cruisingmates.

Sinbad 10 has also gotten into the “troll” game, making some representations to Bolsover MD Michael Wilson and posting a slew of snarky remarks about the quality of Bolsover’s customer service. As such, we have to wonder if he is just being sarcastic or if he is really serious about ripping off his fellow Bolsoverers.

Solent Richard

Unless you have been hiding in the closet, you’ve probably noticed that Solent Richard has stopped posting on the Bolsover Cruise Club Forum. He hasn’t posted anything for nearly two years. He’s even stopped participating in the Roll Calls. This is a slap in the face for all of my fellow cruisers who were forced to endure his sloppy posts.

While Solent Richard was still posting on the forum, he made some representations to Bolsover MD Michael Wilson. He was unhappy with the company’s handling of a complaint made by a member. They even attempted to placate Mr. Angry, a member who claimed that the company had been trying to scam him.

SR on the Bolsover Forum

SR on the Bolsover Cruise Club Forum has left his company. He left because he didn’t like the way the forum was going. He hasn’t updated the forum in almost two years. He’s never been to roll call or posted anything in the forum. He’s been linked to several trolls. He’s been banned from several other forums. His latest review didn’t reach the membership.

He’s been known to write a lot of garbage. He’s been accused of writing about Far Eastern hotels. He’s been banned from a few forums and is also linked to SueSpud, Fudge, and 132LK. He’s also a known CruiseDot site troll. He’s also been linked to Mo and Tinto.


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