Buying a Memory Foam Mattress – An Insider’s Guide to Purchasing in a Uncertain Economy


Everyone knows that the overall economy is pretty tough right now, yet that doesn’t mean you have to hold upon purchasing. You’re getting a. However, it does mean you need to do your current homework and arm yourself with a plan before choosing and purchasing your understructure. Here are an insider’s new ideas to help you find a great mattress at reasonable prices. We are a family business since 1902. Best way to find the custom mattress.

Think Outside the “Leading Brand” Box

If you are even thinking of a memory foam mattress, you know what the famous “leading brand” is. Is it the best understructure for your money? Only if one needs to pay for “leading brand’s” advertising and marketing! Many “leading brands” costs go to their costly advertising name branding. Is this what you would like your money to pay for? Of course, certainly not! You don’t need to buy a poor-quality understructure to save money (although there are plenty of these out there too).

Think outside the “leading brand” box and show at other high-quality polyurethane foam mattresses that don’t devote millions of dollars to advertising. It is a great way to get a high-quality understructure without spending more than you need to.

Buy from Retailers that Offer an absolute Money-Back Guarantee.

This one draws many people off-guard. Many suppliers offer what is called a “comfort guarantee. ” This is simply a tricky way of saying you happen to be getting a store credit. Any comfort guarantee or retail outlet credit means that if you get a mattress home and find it shouldn’t work for you, you can bring it backside, but you have to choose one more bed from that particular retail outlet. Since most places have only a couple of memory foam mattresses that you may be thinking about, you could be out of luck using a comfort guarantee.

Out of good luck, it means no mattress that suits you and no money back either. That is a dreadful situation I read about over and over again. It is essential to buy only from a shop that offers a genuine money-back guarantee connected with at least 90 days. This allows someone to try your mattress at your house for an extended period to be sure it works for you. Regardless of how great a memory foam mattress thinks when you try it in a retailer, the only way you are really about to know if it is the proper foundation for you is to use it in your own home.

Look for a 20-Year Assurance.

A warranty of 20 years is a sure way to gauge the longevity of a mattress and how considerably its manufacturer can back up its product. At the least 10 years of that 20-year, assurance should be non-prorated, meaning 100% of the repair and replacement took care of for the initial 10 years of the warranty. A new prorated warranty implies that the manufacturer pays a portion of the mattress substitution or repair for several years.

A 20-year guarantee that has 10 years non-prorated and 10 years prorated shows that for the first 10 years, you are covered 100%. For the second 10 years, you will pay a new predetermined portion of the substitute or repair. Make sure you read all the details and fine print for any warranty and avoid virtually any memory foam mattress with less than a 20-year warranty.

Look for Retailers who Third-Party Agencies can monitor.

When choosing a retailer, try to find one that is a member of, and also monitored by, third party agencies like the Better Business Bureau and Purchasing. com. Having a third-party company gather data about a store allows you to see the retailer wholly and plainly, without the blocked testimonials that many put in their particular literature and on their websites.

A retailer cannot select which testimonials and scores you see on Shopping. Com like they can when they post their testimonials. You get to experience everything the customers write, not just the particular stuff the retailer would like you to see. You can also observe the retailer deals with individuals who don’t keep their specific product, including how they deal with things like returns and refund guarantees. This is very important in experience comfortable with your memory foam mattress.

The Better Business Bureau is a granddaddy of all business authority organizations. I do not invest in any significant product or service by any business that the Better Business Bureau does not recognize. So look for the item (and check out the retailer’s rating) before purchasing your foundation.

Save With Free Shipping

Determined by where you live and what size foundation you purchase, you can save a nice slice of money buying from a free shipping shop. You can save nearly $75 to $200 after you don’t pay shipping rates for your mattress. How’s this for feeling good in a troublesome economy?

Save By Using Your Existing Foundation

For the last 12 – 15 years, nearly all mattresses have been sold using what is now called a foundation, definitely not the previous standard box springs. A contemporary foundation is a new rigid platform that your foundation sits on top of. Most people do not need to purchase a new foundation for their memory foam mattresses. To test your basic foundation, remove the bed and click it in a few places. It should work with a top-quality mattress if it remains firm and has no dips or extreme wear. Save some money by using your current existing foundation with your fresh bed. Take that challenging economy!

Look Into Buying From your Online Retailer

Online retailers wonderful places to save money on a top-quality mattress. Online retailers have lower expenses than bricks and mortar stores and can pass savings onto you. They could also save you funds with no sales tax, and you can try to find one that offers free shipping. When choosing an online retailer, try to find one who is a member of the higher Business Bureau and has an unauthorized organization gathering ratings and testimonials about them.

This permits you to check into the online store without the rose-colored glasses and filtered testimonials that may be offered on their website. An online store that is willing to be cautiously monitored and scrutinized simply by third-party organizations is hinting to the consumer that they are not worried about having their product in addition to customer service freely and brazenly analyzed by all their consumers. This speaks volumes about the store and its product.

The Bottom Line

Indeed, the economy is probably not the rosiest right now; yet by arming yourself with essential things to look for and give attention to when buying a memory foam mattress, you will find quality at the right selling price and be comfortable that you produced the best mattress choice achievable.

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