Buying medicine online from Truemeds


Truemeds, a medicine delivery app in India, is selling great quality medicines since 2019 to its customers. The medicine delivery app has made buying medicine online an easy and convenient job.

Truemeds understands its customers and is supporting them by providing several benefits. It is contributing its bit to make the app a reliable and trustworthy environment for its customers.

Some benefits offered by Truemeds are:

  • Buying medicine online is easy with Truemeds.

Convenient for the elderly, disabled persons, college students, working people, and everyone you can think of.

Just download the app, open it, and order your required medicines. People who know less about phones, gadgets, and apps can even use this app easily.

  • The medicine delivery app of Truemeds is a life and time savior.

Suppose you are a person whose work schedule is tight and allows no time to spare. Asking your boss to spare you for an hour to go to a nearby pharmacy seems dreadful.

Sometimes, you don’t get a specific brand of medicine in your local store, which takes more time and energy for you to search for those medicines.

Don’t be tense and order medicines from Truemeds. It only takes 5 minutes for you to order medicines without even moving your legs.

  • The medicine delivery app asks for a valid prescription.

Buying drugs of a specific category without a prescription is a crime and may potentially harm you. Truemeds ensures people’s safety by asking them for a valid prescription before selling medicines.

  • Truemeds provide free doctor consultation to its customer.

If you have questions regarding your health condition or ongoing medicines, consult the certified doctor for free.

  • Buying medicine online from the app saves you a lot of money. Truemeds offers a discount of up to 72% on every medicine.

It even supplies medicines directly from the manufacturer and does not involve any middleman. Thus buying medicine online is cost-effective.

  • The medicine delivery app offers you a range of choices in medicines.

It supplies drugs from the top 30 Indian manufacturers. Thus you will get 30 different medicines made of the same active ingredient.

  • Truemeds offers fast and free home delivery to its customers.

The medicine delivery app delivers medicine within 48 to 72 hours of ordering. The executives and medicines are fully sanitized. To redeem the free delivery option, you need to buy medicines of a minimum of 500 rupees.

  • The app even provides a service of customer care.

The support works hard to support you in every issue and resolves it as soon as possible. There are easy returns and refund options available on the app.

Note: Truemeds is registered by RoC-Kanpur and sells only CDSCO approved medicines.