Can Foreigners Invest in Cambodia?

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Real Estate Cambodia, I have talked about this in some of my Southeast Asia guides investing, stating that it is my best option to invest through real estate by 2021. The country has solid banking interest rates where you can earn up to ٪ 5 USD per year. Add it to the world’s cheapest and easiest accommodation, add a country that is opening up.

Why is Cambodia more attractive to foreign investors than other Asian countries?

l With a fast-growing economy, soft visa government and an investment-friendly environment.

Cambodia, unlike neighbouring countries, has a very favourable environment for soft visa government and investment. It is perhaps one of the last Asian countries to have truly great opportunities for foreign investors and traders.

l Cambodia is accessible to businesses, but has the same restrictions as no one can own foreign property in Myanmar. However, foreigners have the right to rent land and real estate in Cambodia for 99 years. Cambodia is a small state south of the Indochina Peninsula, famous for its beautiful landscapes, spectacular bay views and forests.

l The year round warm climate attracts a large number of foreign tourists to Cambodia. Although Cambodia is not an economically developed state, tourism, agro-industry, and clothing and footwear production attract foreign investors. Investment in Cambodia depends on the scope of the investment, both aimed at achieving a long-term outlook.

Before choosing to Invest in Cambodia, an energetic investor needs to consult an expert who will not only give profitable investment advice to the economic sector but also in conducting investment transactions.

The most popular sectors among foreign investors are light industry, agricultural production, real estate procurement and construction, tourism industry, mining, timber, rubber and rubber, and other sectors of the economy.

Investing in Real Estate in Cambodia is a very lucrative investment option. Cambodia doesn’t have high real estate prices yet, but, nonetheless, rental income, later resale, and other operations with acquired property are impressive.

Although Cambodian law prohibits a foreign national from owning land, you can buy a piece of land in the Kingdom of Cambodia from your company.

In addition to tourism, Cambodia’s economy is enriched by exports of clothing, footwear, textiles, rubber, timber, tobacco, rice and seafood. Each of these industries is developing actively and steadily, giving a foreign investor the best opportunity to invest and make a profit from sales.

Cambodia’s export partners are the United States, Germany, France and the United Kingdom. Some of these developed countries have guaranteed export quotas to Cambodia for their products.

Another industry that is conducive to investment is the extraction and export of minerals. Despite the fact that most of the country is forested, the state is rich in reserves of tin, iron, copper, zinc, gold, silver and other precious metals.

Cambodia also exports precious and semi-precious stones. Every year, investment in Cambodia is booming, allowing the country to grow faster. It also attracts a lot of people because of its good Cambodia Investment Opportunities.

Why invest in Cambodia now?

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, the risks of investing in Cambodian property are very high for most people. But what are the arguments for doing so? Historically, countries at the crossroads of economic routes have always been in a favourable position.

Cambodia is at the crossroads of neighbouring Thailand’s economic flows, and trade developed through the Gulf of Thailand makes it an integrated country between fast-growing China and India.

Leading foreign agencies in the real estate market play an important role in the process of naturalization. Therefore, the government is trying to create a stable and favourable environment for foreign investors: 100% ownership of the company, except to create incentives for investment in land, easy account opening, and return on profits.

In addition to low land and labour costs, tax benefits, low cost of living, investors are also attracted to Cambodia as a tourist destination due to its growing popularity. With progressive urbanization, it takes the pace of infrastructure development to a new level.

What type of investment is available if you want to invest in Cambodia?


If you have chosen a long-term investment strategy and want to build assets that will be valued over the next 50 years, you can look to agriculture. Farming is widely supported by the government, so everyone wants to participate in a sector that is important to the country.

Real Estate Cambodia is well positioned as an agricultural center in Southeast Asia. With economic growth, population and middle class growth, Vietnam, China and Thailand need more food. In the 21st century, the general demand for food sometimes increased, but the supply decreased. Cambodia and Myanmar are committed to running this business strategically.


In the coming years, tourism on the south east coast will grow rapidly, unless the corona virus changes the equation in the long run. The Thai tourist market is already very crowded, and in Cambodia, there are ancient beaches that can compete with any Siamese. Cambodia’s annual tourism rate has exceeded 10%. In 2011, 2.8 million tourists visited Cambodia, up 12% from 2010 – 2.5 million. Compare this figure with the 15 million tourists who visited Thailand, 55% of whom returned home.

Cambodian Passports

Also, if you have cash and you want to invest it in business, you should consider investing in citizenship. Now the average cost of citizenship is about $75,000, which is much more profitable than acquiring citizenship in the Dominican Republic – 95 95.00 or St. Kitts and Nevis, where you pay more than $ 500,000, including taxes. Among other things, the Cambodian passport will give you visa-free access to all ASEAN countries. Cambodia’s passport can be obtained without any hassle by investing in the country. In many cases, it will be a slightly gray passport, so you need to be confident about the people you will contact.

Apartment Investments

In recent years, one of Cambodia’s most lucrative and reliable investment destinations has been condominium apartments. Condominiums, as a rule, are newly constructed high-rise buildings, fully equipped for housing. Condominium apartments are usually privately owned. The wide distribution of such houses gives freedom to choose the district. From sleeping, far from the tourist center. However, there are fears that the property market will collapse and the recent explosion in prices has created a bubble.

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