Can You Download Software For Free: 5 Important Things To Note

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There is a lot of free software available. You might be glad to know some sites offer a free version of most of the available software in the market.  

We know how much you are researching to get software for free. It can be gaming software, video editing software, or education software. 

Here, in this article, we will tell you about the things you should consider when you are downloading free software. 

Can You Download Software For Free?

Yes, you can download software for free. When you are thinking about getting free software, we would like to tell you there are a lot of websites that offer a vast arena of free software.  

Torrent websites are some of them. You need to visit ipiratebay for that. There you will get almost every software, movie, music, video, audio, and several other things free. 

5 Important Things To Note When Downloading Software For Free

You are searching for downloading free software. 


But, you might not know that downloading free software and installing them might expose your system to some potential risks. That is why it is essential to consider some important things when downloading software for free. 

1: Understand PUP and PUA

  • PUA stands for Potentially Unwanted App, and
  • PUP stands for Potentially Unwanted Program.

It is one of the many software that is unworthy and unimportant for the User and the PC. As per the recent reports, PUA and PUP are growing massively. In the form of security apps and browser add-ons, it comprises the User’s data and sells them through the backdoor.  

All these programs are usually bundled with freeware. When downloading software for free, you need to check these things. 

2: Do Not Trust Download Managers And Installers

People on the internet always try to clutter the users. They do this by persuading “Download Managers,” and “Installers.” By wrapping them in other programs, named these two, several websites offer freeware. 

It is just a strategy to sell the advertisement. So, here you need to be a little careful about the freeware disguises in the form of Installers and Download Managers. Instead of using them, we will always advise you to install and access your Windows applications. 

3: Scan The File Before Downloading

It does not matter what software you are downloading and from where you are downloading, make it a habit to scan the software before you download. Install antivirus on your computer beforehand.  

Whenever your antivirus shows that the website you are visiting or the software you are trying to download poses some risk, always ensure that you are not overlooking it and continue installing the software. 

4: Go Through The Reviews

The easiest and best way of choosing software is checking the review it has got from its users. Here you will get first-hand information from those who are using it. Although the requirements and user experience vary from one person to another, you will still get a basic. 

Many people are using the same free software you are planning to download. Checking the user review will give you knowledge of many things, like the performance of the software and the downloading and installing experience. 

5: Check Their Privacy Policy

Checking the privacy policy is a must when downloading software for free. There are a lot of websites and software providers that offer software for free, and at the same time, they collect some of the customer data as cookies.  

Here, you need to ensure that the data they collect will not be sold to any third-party business. Also, they will not use those data for any evil purposes; they might harm you. In most cases, free software downloading comes with all these threats. 

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