Can You Flush Cat Litter? Is It a Good Thought? What You Must Know!

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Can You Flush Cat Litter? Is It a Good Thought? What You Must Know!
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Cleansing the litter field is without doubt one of the least glamorous and gratifying components of proudly owning a cat. It’s smelly, inconvenient, and an general disagreeable expertise. Then, when you’ve emptied the field, you’re left with a bag of used litter clumps that you simply get to hold onto, both in your house or your outside trash, till the subsequent trash pickup day. This leaves a yucky scent that’s solely exacerbated by scorching climate. For those who stay someplace the place daytime temperatures attain above 90°F, you recognize precisely what we’re speaking about.

Like most of us cat homeowners, you’ve probably tried to search out higher methods to handle your cat’s soiled litter. Clearly, folks use the bathroom and flush our worries away, so is it doable to do that along with your cat litter additionally? In spite of everything, how handy would it not be to simply dump your cat litter into the bathroom and never fear about it once more?

Right here’s what you should find out about flushing cat litter.


Can You Flush Cat Litter?

It is dependent upon the type of cat litter. Conventional clay litters and different varieties of clumping litters usually are not acceptable for flushing as a result of they’ll clump inside your pipes, inflicting main issues down the highway which might be far worse than coping with some soiled cat litter usually.

Any sort of cat litter that can’t biodegrade, which incorporates all varieties of clay litter, shouldn’t be flushed as a result of they’re merely getting into the water system and not using a likelihood of breaking down and with the good potential of settling and increase in pipes. This even applies to non-clumping litter varieties, consider it or not.

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Flushable Litter Is Okay, Proper?

There are a number of litters available on the market at the moment that promise to be flushable. These litter sorts are biodegradable litters comprised of issues like sawdust, corn, and even tofu. It’s normally written proper there on the bag that the litter may be flushed, and typically they even say the product is secure for septic programs and sewer programs. So these are okay to flush, proper?

Effectively, it’d shock you to know that there are respectable causes to not flush cat litter, irrespective of how safely flushable it’s made to be. The only clarification for that is that your septic system and the sewer programs usually are not made to course of cat litter, even biodegradable, flushable cat litter. On the subject of your rest room, keep on with the three P’s: poo, pee, and paper, ideally all a part of human waste and never pet waste.

Are There Extra Severe Dangers With Flushing Cat Litter?

The extra complicated clarification of why you shouldn’t flush cat litter is that sewer processing crops usually are not created to course of something apart from human waste. They aren’t made to course of pet waste, together with cat waste. The EPA has declared cat waste to be a pollutant, and it has been proven to negatively influence water high quality in a manner that impacts consuming water, crops, fish and different water-dwelling animals, and land animals, together with livestock.

The opposite large threat related to flushing cat litter is that cats can shed a parasite of their feces known as Toxoplasma gondii. Your cat might carry this parasite with out you realizing it. This parasite causes an an infection known as Toxoplasmosis, which may trigger physique aches, muscle ache, fever, confusion, seizures, shallow respiration, and complications.

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For many wholesome folks, the an infection goes unnoticed as a result of our our bodies can carry the parasite with out creating indicators of illness. Nevertheless, people who find themselves immunocompromised are extremely inclined to changing into critically unwell with Toxoplasmosis. Whereas Toxoplasmosis is treatable with medicines, it may be lethal for folks with immune programs that aren’t ready to combat the parasitic an infection. Even for wholesome folks, this an infection can final for months.

Cat litter and waste is such an issue that some states have even made it illegal to flush cat litter and waste. The prevalence of flushable cat litters has led to a major improve within the variety of folks flushing their cats’ waste, which implies that extra individuals are unintentionally and unknowingly negatively impacting the atmosphere and doubtlessly spreading a severe parasite through the water system.


In Conclusion

Whereas some cat litters declare to be flushable, it’s not advisable to flush any cat litter, irrespective of how flushable and eco-friendly it’s. Most plumbing programs usually are not lower out to deal with cat litter, even the biodegradable sorts, so flushing your cat litter can result in harm to your plumbing system over time. It may possibly even result in harm of sewer programs and sewer remedy crops. Cat litter and cat waste are rapidly changing into a serious downside in some areas, which is lowering the cleanliness of consuming water, negatively impacting the ecosystem, and inflicting harmful infections in some folks. As inconvenient and unsightly as it might be, it’s finest to not flush your cat litter.

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