Automobile Theft: Suggestions for Maintaining Your Automobile Protected

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Automobile theft elevated dramatically in the USA in the course of the first three months of 2022. In keeping with the non-profit Nationwide Insurance coverage Crime Bureau (NICB), a analysis group funded by the insurance coverage business, almost 1 / 4 million car thefts had been reported from January to March of 2022. That compares to 2021 when 936,315 Individuals had their automobiles stolen.

Automobile theft had declined for 2 years earlier than the COVID-19 pandemic hit. However one thing concerning the downturn within the financial fortunes of many Individuals and a discount within the whole miles we drive brought on that development to reverse.

The Risk Isn’t the Same Everywhere

The rise in vehicle theft isn’t universal, the NICB reports. Some areas saw a dramatic spike. Washington, D.C., residents saw their risk rise 40% in just one year. Colorado saw a similar rise, nearly 36%.

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Bakersfield, California, has had the best auto theft price within the nation for the final two years. However there may be little sample to the numbers. The 5 areas with the best theft charges signify each coasts and a number of other states in between and embrace closely city and largely rural states.

Thieves Use Tech to Target Vehicles

Some thieves use technology, from stealing key fob signals to using tile tracking devices.

They will scan a targeted home for key fob signals, and using a device, thieves can hack a signal and transmit it to another person by the car. Depending on the strength, the criminals can break into or even steal the vehicle.

They’re also using tracking devices like Apple AirTags. Law enforcement authorities say thieves started using tracking devices placed around the car, such as behind a license plate of a targeted vehicle. However, some vehicle owners also keep tracking devices in their cars so if stolen, they can locate them.

If you find yourself in the situation of a stolen vehicle with a tracking device, always call authorities and alert them first before trying to track it down by yourself.

States With the Highest Auto Theft Rates

According to the NICB, between 2016 and 2020, these states had the highest auto theft rate per 100,000 residents (the NICB treats Washington, D.C., as a state for statistical purposes):

States With the Lowest Auto Theft Rates

The NICB treats Puerto Rico as a state for statistical purposes.

The Most Commonly Stolen Cars

The list of commonly stolen cars mirrors the list of best-selling vehicles most years. That is true as a result of they’re simply out there, and their elements are price extra since they’re in excessive demand. See the ten mostly stolen automobiles in 2021 (the newest yr for NICB statistics) under.

RankAutomobile Make & Mannequin TheftsMost Frequent Mannequin Yr Stolen
1Chevy Full Size Pick-up 48,206           2004
2Ford Full Size Pick-up 47,999           2006
3Honda Civic 31,673           2000
4Honda Accord 30,274           1997
5Toyota Camry 17,270           2007
6GMC Full Size Pick-up 15,599           2005
7Nissan Altima 14,108           2020
8Honda CR-V 13,308           2000
9Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee 13,210           2018
10Toyota Corolla 12,927           2020

Supply: NICB

A Growing Problem: Catalytic Converter Theft

Catalytic converter from a vehicle

In addition to vehicle theft, the NICB says thieves began targeting expensive catalytic converters within the final a number of years. Theft of those gadgets skyrocketed with a 1,215% enhance since 2019.

A catalytic converter is a tool concerning the measurement of a loaf of bread (greater on automobiles geared up with bigger engines) in your automobile’s exhaust system. It’s positioned forward of the muffler, typically close to the middle of the car, and simply accessible from beneath.

The catalytic converter helps filter dangerous pollution out of your automobile’s exhaust. It sends scorching exhaust gasses by means of a honeycomb of uncommon metals, like rhodium and palladium, that act as sponges, absorbing dangerous chemical compounds.

It’s these uncommon metals that created a catalytic converter crime wave. Their costs have spiked just lately, making a comparatively new converter price hundreds of {dollars}.

Thieves can take away them in minutes by sliding beneath the automobile and sawing them out of the exhaust system with an influence noticed.

Tips to Keep Your Car Safe

Keeping your car relatively safe from thieves isn’t complicated or expensive.

Thieves target the cars that leave them least at risk. So, a few common-sense steps can make them likely to bypass your vehicle and look for an easier mark.

PRO TIP 1: Avoid “puffing” or keeping your vehicle switched on while you run an errand. Warming and leaving a car unattended in some states and municipalities is illegal. Many owners also leave the key fobs inside, making the vehicles an easy target for thieves. See more protection tips below.

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In keeping with the NICB, remote starters enable automobile homeowners to begin the engine whereas maintaining the car locked up, with out the presence of a key or fob.

Attempt these 4 layers of safety from the NICB:

  • Frequent Sense. Lock your doorways, shut your home windows, don’t depart the keys within the automobile, and park in a well-lit space. Memphis, Tennessee police just lately warned residents that thieves can use smartphone cameras to see what’s inside tinted windows. Leaving valuables in plain sight in your car is an invite to theft.
  • Warning System. Use an audible alarm to scare away thieves and visual theft deterrents, like a steering wheel lock.
  • Immobilizing System. Use a sensible key or one other wi-fi ignition authenticator “which prevents thieves from bypassing your ignition and hot-wiring the car.”
  • Monitoring System. Put money into a telematics service or different monitoring machine in order that, if thieves steal your automobile, police can shortly find it.

Defending your catalytic converter entails the identical steps as defending your automobile.

Specialists say parking inside is the perfect protection when you’re fearful about thieves stealing your new automobile’s catalytic converter. The place that’s not an possibility, park in well-lit areas and think about putting in a safety digicam. A number of corporations make guards you possibly can set up, designed to make eradicating the converter take too lengthy to be price a thief’s time. However we’ve seen no research that look at whether or not the guards deter thieves.

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