Cause and Effect of Windows runtime errors

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Computers and Electronics can be a fickle beast in today’s world. There are a plethora of options and configurations available. Each design is elucidated by possibly millions of permutations and combinations of software and hardware. This is quadrupled by various segments of the overall market for these systems and devices. As a result, it is arduous for developers to finetune software to a high degree of polish for every possible computer present in the world. This leads to the occurrence of errors such as vcruntime140_1.dll missing, during normal use. 

Why does this problem occur? 

(i) The actual operating system 

This file is a Windows system file, which is only obtainable on Microsoft Windows. Users running macOS or Bootcamp may run into these errors regularly, as the system partition consists of MacOS files. 

(ii) The presence of different Windows SKUs. 

Even though Windows is perceived by many as one software, several versions exist. Versions range from Windows 10 Education Version to Professional versions. Regional variations also exist; Windows versions released in the US differ from those released in China. Special arrangements for enterprises exist as well. 

Different versions of Windows have a diverse range of purposes, so every version of Windows does not contain Visual runtime files out of the box. Hence, if users are on these versions, they may get hit by an error regarding vcruntime140_1.dll missing. 

While Microsoft does its best to ensure maximum compatibility and coverage across all versions, issues such as this do exist. Hence, one must do the requisite due diligence and ensure that these files are present from the outset upon purchasing a new system.

(iii) Purpose of Usage

Microsoft designs Windows as a jack of all trades solution. It is used by all segments of the population, from children to the elderly. It is used for something like secretarial work and something technical like computer-aided designing (CAD).

Windows has to serve the needs of thousands of consumers, each with its own different needs. In such a scenario, if Microsoft were to include every possible software and dependency possible, the installation of Windows would be massively bloated and take up almost all the storage available. It would also be highly inefficient and unoptimized, leading to freezes and glitches throughout regular use. 

How to fix it? 

The good news is that fixing this error does not require any advanced knowledge of computers or any programming language. This involves obtaining the requisite file and ensuring its presence in the correct folders at the time of executing the affected application and the Windows folder. 

The most common destination for these files is the System32 folder of Windows and the folder where the afflicted application’s executable exists. The correct location of the runtime file differs from application to application. Another factor influencing the same is the architecture of the user’s version of Windows; it can be 32-bit or 64-bit. In most cases, the SysWow6432Node folder under Windows is the destination folder in the case of 64 bit Windows. 

After one extracts these files from a reliable website that possesses a repository of DLL files, placing them in the folders above will redress this issue instantly.

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